(FULL)In Your Face, Recruiting Active Players, Bracket 6 in Guild Wars. Join Us! (XBOX)

I can’t figure out how to delete the post, so I’ll just add that we are FULL at this time. Thanks

Requirements: Level 200+, 50k Gold, 30GW matches.

We are friendly and active guild, looking to add a few to the family. Please make sure you’re not in a guild when leaving an invite code.

A number of us in the guild pay our 50k or a little more to task and then save the rest of our gold up until we have enough to finish all general task and a number of legendary task. We would encourage new members to help with this, but not a requirement. The more that participate, the more often we can do this.

We encourage participation in guild chat from time to time, this let’s us know you’re reading the chat and keeps a guild active.

We look forward to having you on our team. See ya soon!