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Full art of Tyri?

Does anyone have a full picture with Tyri? Not cut like in the game (even on the largest screenshots).


That’s really all I could do. Used to be that you could browse the individual rasterized PNG assets like any other folder, but now they are bundled into asset packs which can’t be easily inspected/extracted.

I just searched Google Images for “Gems of War Tyri PNG”

If you just want to ogle her (:crazy_face:), you can see a more full image over here…

@Lyya could probably help you get the full art. I play on console so I don’t have any access to game files.

The “full” art does not exist in the game files, so far as I know. All versions of it are cropped at some level. The closest I have currently on my site is at:

gowdb.com /assets/conversation/K03_Char.png

I can get a higher-res version of this if needed.

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Is the art on the “Troop” page of your site the fullest version available to you? It would be great to be able to see fuller versions of more of the troop art beyond the questline troops. When Sirrian posted a picture of Gorgotha that showed he has hands, it blew my mind. I wonder how many other interesting details we miss due to the cropped art that appears in game.

If it isn’t obvious, I’m wondering if, assuming that there are less-cropped versions available to you, if you would ever add an art gallery to your site?

I don’t copy most of the images with transparency, using card art instead; I’ve never had a use for the transparent art. Both are available in higher resolution, I just downsample it to save bandwidth for me and for everyone else. If the demand is high enough, I can make a page specifically for the full-size art.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would love that. And it would help settle arguments like the “What is Emperor Khorvash riding?” (or, “Is that horn thing coming out of his nose or his wing?”) from the other day.


Didnt plan go see this movie, nothing changed.

I certainly would not demand it, but I can say how valuable I think it would be to me and others. If you invested the time I think we would all benefit!


Seconding that because I NEED to learn if that horn thing of Khorvash’s Manticore comes out of the wing or nose. It’s the greatest mystery in the game!
(And maybe because I would love the full art of Khorvash to ogle him a bit. Just a bit. Don’t judge me.)

But yeah, I feel that, with the art files not easily available, a place to see the full art would be lovely. I do understand that it’s likely a ton of work to get such a page up, though. There’s a lot of art in the game.


The “world-shattering revelation” for me regarding GoW’s art was @Kurokazna showing me Venoxia’s full art and i saw her wings… I always assumed she was some sort of giant snake-dragon with no wings.


Do you have a link for that?

Here are Gorgotha’s hands (and mustache).


Nevermind - it was about 5 posts below the one I linked!



My mind is blown! I thought she was a snake-dragon as well! Especially since she lives in a swamp and all.

This is why I wish we would have the full art! It obviously does wonders to the lore and (literally) revealing more about the troops.

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Yes, we totally need pictures revealing more … because… because… science and stuff. :wink::rofl:

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If you want to see someone revealing more, you should check out the Divinion Fields questline on GOWDB. “Maybe you should put some shorts on or something if you want to keep fighting evil today…”

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I still remember that day

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