Frozen not working against AI in PvP

I may be missing something but it seems when the AI freezes one of my chars I do not get extra turns (this is how it is supposed to be) but, when I freeze an AI character they still get extra turns. This happens so regularly. In almost all of my battles. Others must have experienced this?

AI (and you) can still get extra turns if there is 4-5 gem match of a different color than the colors of the frozen character.

Can you give specific scenario’s where you expected the AI not to get an extra turn? Like i said pay attention to which color match the AI is making.

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Like when I’m playing against a Goblin team and Boar Rider (for instance: it seems to happen a lot with him) casts his spell and still gets an extra turn.

Ah a Boar Rider, well that could be possible. I’ve learned them a trick to not get frozen. Where there other Marauders in that team? They probably use their body temperature to defreeze.

Edit: he could also trigger a new 4-5 match of a color other than green-purple after destroying a row.

It’s possible, I’ll keep a closer eye on it and update as necessary. It’s really annoying though! :slight_smile:

Don’t be annoyed. It’s their way to survive. Spent some time with them and you’ll appreciate them more :slight_smile: