From the Cellar: Q-Bert Invasions

We all know him, and we love him soooo much more then words can express when caught in the bane of our existences. Every now and then, there may be a thought (or series of) that could get up into a peck of trouble. It is in these times where our good friend Q-Bert comes in to set @&$*%# straight. So what moment was there for you, the thing that happened that got you soooooo mad that Mr. Bert stepped in for the children’s sake?

I’ll kick it off I suppose.

So there I was sitting on a glorious set up. My team consisting of Green Seer, Giant Spider, and Boar Rider was in full swing, colors were converted and there was no way I can lose this one, after a few cycles of doing what I do best I was avoiding 4+ of a kind skulls having my Spider Swarm frozen by a fleshless dragon that would simply not “Let it Go.” So I saved the skulls for cascading via Boar Rider and proceed to match a 5 of a kind purple match to fill the rider up to kill the 3rd troop after our Dragon friend a hero rocking the purple Scythe. No I play my fearsome battles on in Itsy-bitsy iPhone 6 screen…not a plus. One swipe as an ADD case hopped on a lot of caffeine and far too little sleep And I match the 5 of a kind as a 3 of a kind… @&$ half way there, honestly not too bad, but what I was treated to next is what actually blew my top. I discovered in the worst of ways, exactly what class the enemy’s hero chose to trait, as he selfishly matched all the 4+ of a kind skull matches I was kind enough to leave for him. Bullseye triggers 4 times in one turn, needless to say, I was required to pay
Q-Bert some overtime “you stupid @&$%# son of @&$%# with nothing better with your free time then to @&$%# with a guy just trying to make tier 1 for the week you punk @&$%# @&$*%#”

Thank you for kindly putting up with this madness,

Welcome to the Cellar


I feel you. I too know the pain of the fat-fingered five-match fumble into a criminally crushing cascade from the computer competitor.


I know Q-Bert be like “that’s some crazy @&$*%#”

Loving the alliteration!