From the Cellar: Gems of War in Pop Culture

I’ve been doing a little digging and came full circle to see that Gems of War is actually running rampant inside of movies and music from the far reaching corners of the Pop Culture underverse. This is a safe place for we as a civilized society to catalog these subtle (and less so) shoutouts to our beloved game: here we go:

Carnex is a creation which is the result of Skynet becoming self aware… Sara warned us about this.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the Great Maw hails from “Perfection Valley”… Damn you GUMMER!!!

It’s been brought to my attention that all of the horsemen (save for death) have only 3 fingers on one hand (and a thumb of course) Damn them Brother’s.

Alchemist invented “Love Potion #9” look closely and I’m sure you can tell who bought some.

What little oddities have you discovered?

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Poison Master’s flavor text has a DARK reference that I’m not allowed to share :frowning:


Despite the wacky cartoon violence and scathing yet affable animosity pictured on screen, Hellhound and Hellcat are actually the best of friends off-camera.