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From Reddit: Disenchant troop task not completing

@Nex, @Mr.Strange

A question on Reddit you might wish to address, regarding the “disenchant troop” daily task not completing.

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That task comes up only once - it’s the 5th task assigned (not counting daily tasks).

I don’t know why it wouldn’t be finishing for that person… more than ten thousand people have completed it without issue.

same problem Im having on my ps4… Im glad it worked for thousands of others but its NOT working for a few of us… please fix

@badreligionbomb By the way, is there any chance that this Task which is not completing for you is in the 2nd task slot down from the top? On the Xbox One, I’ve been having trouble completing tasks in slot 2, which is otherwise known to the devs as “Path B”.

For example, in Path B, I occasionally get the “Level up a Kingdom” task, and upon completion it promptly respawn spams itself. If I leave it alone til the next day it does seem to reset, but meanwhile on that first day it respawns again and again, ad infinitum. This is happening on two different accounts.

I have seen other tasks spawning in Path B which won’t complete, such as Contribute 5000 gold to your guild.

This particular Path B bug did not exist prior to the 1.085 update.