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From Fun to NONE * Devs Death Touch to Everything

You (the Devs) accomplish something by accident. You injected fun back into the game. Yes, yes, yes I know it wasn’t suppose to be like that… Your fix was to remove all Band Gnomes… From fun to none.

I sit here & shake my head because your petty, petty, petty reactions with a lavish explination from lips everyone knows are lying. I feel so damb ashamed for you. You single handedly screwed this up in both directions: the role out & your ever so quick to remove the event but lie to us of your great fix. You are not fooling anyone here.


@Nonsheep U are on the money my friend! I’m sure they don’t wan’t to hear ANYTHING negative so, they’ll completely ignore giving any credibility to your opinion, but U are not alone. Many have become frustratingly annoyed with seeing so much fun potential tamped out like a bad cigar, or dumped forth into a dirty sink like a 9 day old flat beer. @developers get it right the 1st time for a change & avoid a whole lot of just criticism. It may be your ‘business’, but if ANY of Gems Of War is a game still don’t be so fast to trample the fun when U ARE so SLOW to affect repairs & replies to legitimate player problems, issues, and concerns. Excuses SUCK!


The worse issue is that they missed the chance to correct their fault by not rolling back to thursday at the nerf time. Now if they rollback, it’s gonna be even bigger mistake and bigger unfair.


You can’t let some folks get over 100 for free and then sell 3 of each for $50 USD to the poor folks that work for a living. The folks that took advantage ran to forums to get it Nerfed after their pockets were full saying it was ruining the economy lol. They are the ones that ruined it. Now they can use those to Jack up event score to get the power orb or not bother since they likely have several power orbs with all those keys lol. What a mess.


Touch of Death to your Flash Offer today as well. It offers what ; yeah gems and verses. Too ashamed no doubt to offer verses alone. They are hopefully unmarketable stand alone; after your withdrawal of and nerfing the fun. The event too needs to be renamed: Gnome-a-Loser. More pointless grinding now for rewards favouring the common; as always. Give a bit; you get a bit. Take and take; keep reducing rather than increase the fun; well we all will just take ourselves away.


Can’t you imagine how that would have felt to those who farmed for hours?

I’m sorry for everyone who missed out. I couldn’t play for many hours myself unlike others but the bitterness, jealousy, and all the complaining and whining is getting really old.

It happened, now its time to get over it and enjoy the still plentiful rewards.