Friend List, Chat & Live PvP

Hi everyone !

I suppose these suggestions were already made on the old forum but it would be better to open a post about it here.

What I think is missing in Gems of Wars is interaction and communication between players in the game.
If you have a guild you can post some words in “Activity” but that’s all ! What about players who ain’t in your guild ? That’s pretty cool to have a forum to chat with others, but if there’s no way to talk with them or even play with them, where’s the interest ?

That’s why I’m posting my first suggestion : a Friend List !
The Friend List button could appear next to the Guild button. To Add a new friend, you’d just have to write his/her invite code that you can find on his/her forum profile. Then your future friend would just have to accept or refuse your invitation.
When you had some friends in your list, a green dot would appear before their names if they’re online. Two buttons would appear after their names too : “Chat” & “Duel”. Finally, a status would be written in italic below their names : available, playing a match (it could be quest, challenge, pvp, arena or treasure hunt), away from keybord, has X invitation(s) waiting for answer(s)

So… here comes my second suggestion : the Chat in game !
As I read it somewhere (certainly the old version forum), some people already suggested a game chat. It would be a great communication tool for all players who want to talk to their friends and/or guild members.
However it would be possible to chat with your friends only on the general map screen. If you click for example on Zul’Kari with the intention to play at Treasure Hunt, your status would automatically switch to playing a match, even if you didn’t start anything, and the chat window woudn’t be accessible anymore. If you were just upping your troops, you would hear an alert when a friend talk to you, but you would be able to answer him/her only on the map screen where is the chat window.

And finally, last but not least suggestion : Live PvP ! Would it be more interesting to play versus another player than the AI ? I think so !
How would it work ?
You’d just have to send an invitation by the “Duel” button in the Friend List or the “Login” tab you can find in the “Roster” of your Guild. It means that you’d be able to see the members of your guild who are available as in the Friend List (with the green dot and the status).
Then you’d be waiting with a message on your screen “Invitation send : waiting for (player’s name)'s answer”. If your friend or guild partner is available, he/she would have a message on his/her screen " (your name) invited you to Duel !" and would have the choice between “Accept” button or “Refuse” button. If he/she were already playing a match, he/she would receive your invitation when his/her match would be done.
Duel accepted ? Your friend and you would be able to choose your team and then click on “Ready to fight”. Of course, if one of you weren’t ready, a message would appear on screen “waiting for (player’s name) to be ready”. Then the AI would select the kingdom randomly and both of you would have to click on “To Battle”.
The one who were invited to duel woul’d be the one who start the match. During the duel, when it would be your friend’s turn, you would have a message on your screen “Waiting for (your friend’s name)'s move” like in a online chest game.

So… what do you think ?


I’m definitely looking forward to anything better to play against than the AI. :smiley:

And I am also missing some more interaction with other players.

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Im waiting very long for normal guild chat and possibility to talk with other players on priv.
And PvP against real people sounds GREAT!!!

Or, if actual pvp isn’t supported by the game engine, how about the next best thing?

Oops, nevermind then… :sweat:

Sorry guys, I interpreted the question in a completely different way!

You can CHOOSE a friend to fight (rather than simply having the option to fight a random opponent), but it will still be the AI controlling them

Sounds great! i will fight only lvl 1000 players,show them what for! :smile:

With all due respect… Wouldn’t that be an Enemy List instead of a Friend List? :sweat:

More like a Rival List. You know what they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer! :smiling_imp:

This game needs real time pvp im vip 7 nd in 2 weeks ill be vip 10 but if u dont bring real time pvp soon or atleast plan to me and me friends are all going to quit playing we wanna vs each other nd you havent made that possible nd just to be clear thats around 60 players quiting the game atleast 8-10 are vip 9-10

I appreciate others wanting that feature. But I have the completely opposite view here. I despise “live” PvP. I play GoW because I do not have to put up with that nonsense. /flee /run to the hills


Same here. Would I like a smarter AI or the ability to customize the AI for your defense team? Heck ya I’m all for that! But having to wait for real time opponents then having to put up with timer stall tactics (you know it’ll happen)? Ain’t nobody got time for that! That was actually one of the factors to get me away from Hearthstone, having what would be a quick 5 min match drag out to over 15-20 min because of trolls taking every turn down to the last second.

Perhaps they’re could be both a normal and realtime opponent feature in the future…

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Exactly! And if they ever get heavily medicated and create a PvP Live approach, I just hope they remember those of us who love the current mechanics and continue making improvements to that, too.

No worries, it’s not in the foreseen future.
@Sirrian never officially said it would not happened, but he always hinted it.

Live PvP is on our list to investigate some time. It’s not on our schedule for the next few months though.
But even if it were implemented, it would be an addition to the game, rather than a replacement of the current system.

Short term, I’d rather spend time working on a way to tweak & customize your defense AI & review its effectiveness… I’d actually find that to be quite fun.


I like this idea and +1 it.

I feel like the best option for real time PvP would be a mini-game for a kingdom, very similar to that of actual PvP, where all matches are real time. Basically a mix of Arena + PvP + real time.

Or have real time PvP available only for those in your Rival/Friend List. Ideally you would all know each other, and would be able to avoid all the underhanded time-stall real time shenanigans. Worst case scenario, you could just unfriend 'em.

I do agree with Live PvP being something that the game would feel a lot better with. Moreover apart from bringing more interesting matches because players are obviously better than the AI, having live PvP would also enable tournaments and other esports events which would be great to see on Gems of War.

The devs have said many times that they won’t add live pvp to this iteration of GoW because it doesn’t have the framework to support it. Basically, they’d need to make a GoW 2 to make that happen.