Frequent Kingdom Event Circulation

We need more frequent circulation in Kingdom event schedule.
We have 33 kingdom and it means 8 months to have only ONE circulation
I think it takes so long.
1 circulation in 3 month could be a nice idea.

Also frequent circulation in soulforge(troops, weapons) might be a nice idea
it takes sooooo long time.

plz, take my money

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How would they get through the 33 kingdoms more quickly?

Are you asking that they be doubled-up, or that events would happen for less than a week at a time?

And if this did occur—wouldn’t that mean the content being added would have to increase commensurately? That might be beyond the devs’ ability to implement, because it would almost certainly double their workload…

getting through the rotation faster sounds good. but as Magnus points out… how…??
certainly we dont want the content to come at us any faster than it already does

personally i see this game as a marathon not a race. its a multi-year commitment if you want to have a complete account


they could put 6 months worth of unreleased troops in the drop pool/ shop at a time…seems like they usually have troops ready that far out anyway…plus wouldnt be any weekly post they could mess up though i guess there still would be the weekly guild event post for them to be late on xD