Frenzy not working?

So my hero has frenzy but it doesn’t always work yet when I play the AI (if the have frenzy) it works every single time for them! Is this a known bug or just a upper hand for AI? I kinda feel like I’ve wasted time getting Arcane Rage trait stones for nothing :neutral_face: Happy Gemming!!

Hmmmm, this is not a known issue, or at least nothing that I know of, but you gave too little information to make a diagnostic of what actually happened.

My wildest guest would be… Do you know that Frenzy only procs when loosing HP, not armor?

Oh!! I didn’t know it doesn’t kick in until I lose HP wow I feel like a dunce now!! Sorry for the thread :sweat:

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No problem, sometimes the descriptions of spells / traits feel… Ambiguous.
People often get fooled once, then pay more attention to the spellings and the different interpratitions they can have.

Don’t be fooled twice :wink: