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Free Xbox One Code [CLAIMED]

Hi! Xbox Live has sent me a free code for playing Gems of War a while back, but sadly I don’t find myself playing anymore. The code is for a Starter Pack 2, containing weapons, gems, and gold, all useable in Gems of War. Please comment “claimed” if you have taken the code. Thank you!


Have fun!

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it says code not found. If you can, check the code again to see if you typoed anything.

Same error for me, maybe you got something mixed up?

Sorry for the inconvenience! It seems someone has already claimed the code and hasn’t replied with “claimed”.

There’s actually a difference between “Code not found.” and “This code has already been redeemed.”

So you actually haven’t given it away yet, since the code you originally written doesn’t exist.

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¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know whats up

the code was W3HRG-6W474-G2X67-V2M9D-2YCYZ


so yeah, the one in the screenshot is used

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