Free Rewards on Playstation for PS Plus Members

@GemsOfWar: :video_game: Gems of War SALE for @Playstation Plus Members! :video_game:
All PS+ Members in North America can now receive 10 Gem Keys, 2,500 Souls, and the Nobend Brothers, all for FREE!
You can find this deal in the PS Store for 30 days only:


The tweet is incorrect. It should read “All PS+ Members in THE AMERICAS”

Sweet! I never play on PS4… but free swag is free swag… you know?

What about the rest of us? Y’know - those in Europe, we love freebies too :grin:

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Also those of us on other platforms…

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On the twitter feed, it says it will be available in Europe later in February.

And they say they are working on something for Xbox, too.


I also got 100 VIP points and 2 team slots, to boot! Pretty gravy if you ask me!

Weird I got this message but than it worked in game

But y’all can’t get redeem codes?!?!? :person_facepalming:

(Mobile and PC most likely won’t be getting this)

Same thing happened to me, got the same error message but I believe it came throuhg when I closed and opened the game.

I got 1 gem key, 2 gold keys and 1k gold and 100 souls, I’m in Europe