Free Questline Epics

I don’t believe this information has been posted up to date anywhere, so I figured I make one from my previous list. Here are all of the epics that a player can obtain for free by completing each kingdom’s quest line.

Adana: Sparkgrinder -
Blackhawk: Lil’ Johnny Bronze -
Blighted Lands: Herald of Chaos -
Broken Spire: Luther -
Darkstone: Dimetraxia -
Divinion Fields: Atlanta -
Drifting Sands: Marid -
Forest of Thorns: Rowanne -
Ghulvania: Avina -
Glacial Peaks: Tassarion -
Grosh’Nak: Dark Song -
Karakoth: Ferit -
Khaziel: Emperina -
Kheatar: Alastair -
Leonis Empire: Amira -
Maugrim Woods: Scarlet -
Mist of Scales: Raven -
Pan’s Vale: Elwyn -
Pride Lands: Finley -
Silverglade: Princess Elspeth -
Stormheim: Keghammer -
Sword’s Edge: Tau -
Whitehelm: Lady Sapphira -
Wild Plains: Sunweaver -
Zaejin: Brian the Lucky -
Zhul’kari: Tyri -


Blackhawk: Lil Johnny Bronze -
Silverglade: The Silvermaiden -
Suncrest: ?


Suncrest: Tezca - (!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (SPOILER WARNING! Since putting links in spoiler tags causes you to click the link rather than reveal the spoiler)

Silverglade’s storyline Epic isn’t the Silvermaiden… it’s Princess whats her name with the selfie reference

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Oops, didn’t bother checking link, just copied it from what was posted.

What is the epic for suncrest?


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