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Frank you right back devs

…Unless you didn’t mean any offense by this…

But to me I read it as a big frank you to your community. Even if “RNG” or the AI gets used as an excuse. You’re still ultimately responsible for its actions. And in this case, it’s offensive campaign tasks.


I know a lot of people like the task reroll feature because it removes tasks like this. But, if the devs never designed bad time gated tasks, rerolling wouldnt be so necessary.


Without the re-roll option, finish tasks on Thursday, assuming one plays each day, or spend a lot of gems.
Yeah, not player friendly.


I just rerolled that “3 Adventure boards” task and got a better one: “Kill 77 Brown enemies”.

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it’s rerollable… while the tasks themselves are annoying, it’s not that difficult to complete them.

i’ve completed all my tasks without skipping any

The worst part is the the elite pass buyers feel so obligated to eat this trash.

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The worst part gotta be yes u get some troops that will be hard or impossible to get without the elite pas - BUT most of them is unplayable. So you actually waiting for carrots that you cant eat.

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Speaking only for myself, I don’t even count the troops themselves as a thing. The draw is the kingdom power. I have found an actually good use for The Emperor, so that one was nice though :slight_smile:

Back on topic, yeah, that task combo sucks! It’s all the most hated tasks grouped together. I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it when I first saw it.

Ah, so you are fine that most is unplayable by design?

And an extra thank Frank too- for every time treasure hunt is included in a campaign.

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TH is the only one from the 3 above I didn’t skip… took like 5-6 games to do it… whatever
TH has less love on forums than new arena :wink: