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What on earth. I didn’t expect that a weapon released back in March 2015 would be mythic. Thanks for digging that up.

It’s ultra-rare, not mythic. But in your defence, I’m not sure there’s a way to tell the rarity of a weapon from the unowned screen.

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Its blue aura could help identifying them a bit. Also, it’s somehow the only Ultra-Rare weapon unavailable to new non-VIP player like me, the rest are all either Epic or Legendary.

That future Darkstone weapon really get my attention though. Could be so sweet in late Level Delve.

So, I’m guessing that the person who did the art for Arctic Fox has never actually seen an arctic fox?

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@RiverSong, I’d be inclined to agree with your guess, except that in another thread, @Razzagor found the photo that was used as “direct inspiration” for this art. :smirk:

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Photo or Photoshop? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Microsoft paint from a decade ago probably.

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Yay new stuff… oh…

What does the fox say?


“Your [troop] doesn’t deserve a spot in my [team], but it might make a good coaster for my drink!”

(I love obscure references where most people don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. lol)


Never thought I would say this but this weeks raids are fun. Even at level 150 the boss killer is one shotting him.

Halfgrim Half-Giant might be the strongest Godslayer ever, even better than Caprinicus. He is still just Legendary for me, but when he become Mythic, his damage to Zuul’Goth would be around 300 on first cast, even more when pairing with Hyndla Frostcrown!


Unfortunately, the dev didn’t let this week to be an easy Raid, due to Orc minions. They got very strong damaging spell and many summon potentials, which is even more powerful aided by new no-cap summoning rules.

Just in my screenshot, Drake Rider will summon Drake with similar stats to him on death. Summoner can heal the whole team and summon Level 20+ Bone Daemon, or Ancient Horror on death. Cyclops, Fal’Dras, and Ogryn are also very deadly.

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I was able to go to 11.Storm

Stop hiring the artist/art firm that did both Frost Archer and Arctic Fox. Please. You an convince me it was two separate artists, but you can’t convince me they weren’t the both spec art firm.

It doesn’t fit with the game’s art style and it’s not even “funny bad”. If you need cheap art, there are lots of people in this community that’d probably be ecstatic to do some art for you at that rate or lower. I’d be a lot slower to criticize a community-sourced atrocity than one titled “you get what you pay for”.


Fel’dras will definitely be a big threat this week and laughs at Hyndla since every extra turn translates into +4 damage for her. Cyclops is also going to be a big threat on the later levels and Ogyrn is just annoying (Level 105 but 2 of them? You mean Level 115 right?). At least Gar’nok didn’t pack his bags despite his love being in the raid.

If you look at the background color you can figure out the rarity.


I agree. Both works (Frost Archer, Artic Fox) display something like a middle-school student learning how to draw by copying a photo using trace paper.

They both standout due to the high quality of the majority of the other troops.

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Hey, i take offense on that! Being bad at MsPaint is an art… This artist probably tried to be good at it and that’s the, vomit indulcing, result.

Finally an outstanding Godslayer! :sunglasses: