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Four heroes mini-game

Four heroes mini-game, where you get to pick the class and weapon for each hero. Then explorer like battles. Maybe even a series of battles (like arena) where you get a loot pile at the end. Just like D&D!


sounds nice, how about getting the other heroes from your guild mates. Would be an improvement in the interaction between players. If you use another hero, the owner gets about 10% of your gathered resources in that mini game.

That would be an unnecessary complication, a big one in fact.

Not really. I see little point in replicating a current mode with a little change and calling it a mini-game. Having Explore or Arena duplicated with just the change of having four heroes - that’s a nice concept, but hardly enough to stand on its own. Any idea to spice it up and make it more unique and interesting is a welcome addition.

Well, what about being able to win little magic items that can boost or add traits to heroes and make it a mini-dungeon crawl? Heroes could find a magic ring that adds +2 attack, or an amulet of immunity to freeze that you could bring back into the main game when you use one hero.

This makes me wonder, what 4 heroes+weapons would all work the best together?

yes please with your hero and 3 heroes you pick from your friend list ! :3

Picking anything but all your own heroes would be a big complication, even if it’s just other guild mates. You’d be paging through up to 29 other members, and potentially having to sift through all the weapons they have unlocked. Even if each player had a special selection to set one hero class / weapon as an adventurer that you could select there would be a lot of unnecessary guild chatter to select heroes and weapons that would match what you wanted.
It would be far, far simpler if you were just selecting your stuff.

i ment the friends (or guildmates) heroes would be preset with what they are using right now, u wouldnt change their weapon/class, doesnt sound so complicated

edit: that kind of mechanic i met in many games and never saw a pressure towards the ppl to set a certain representative unit to be used by friends, the ppl usually set what they would think is most helpful and just friended each other with the representative they liked


the thing why i dont rly like just choosing 4 heroes of ‘my own’ is the idea of seeing 3 clones of my hero doesnt fit the game story neither the game world as i see it…
imagine seeinmg four of UKresistances in one team, its just wrong D: you would probably have to fight another 4 of UKresistance and call it ‘the mirror game’ xD whole 8 of you

I’m just concerned about server hits, there’d be up to 29 extra hits as you scroll through guild mates, unless it transferred all the data at once. Maybe it wouldn’t be as complicated as I think.

But if you did pick 4 of your own heroes, it’d be easy to have all of them have different race / sex so they weren’t all clones. Extra hero customization is also being worked on.

then we probably would need to have ‘saved’ 4 heroes of our own instead of one, thats a bit of different game then it is, but i suppose its not bad idea, just allow the extra 3 heroes to have custom names too besides the appearances and it could be a cool dungeon crawl… but i still think picking other players heroes would be so much cooler one more step to feel like a mmo not a single player :wink:

my preset is sorc, sun and moon.