Forums webpage feedback: search button

I’ve been using Google to try to search the forums and thinking how silly it is that there is no search function here.
I just discovered there is a search button!
Is it meant to be near invisible? The icon is #2D2D2D and the background is #303030. :woman_facepalming:

Whilst it’s good news that we can search the forum, the colour choice is terrible. I wonder how many other people didn’t even see the button.

Source: WebAIM: Contrast Checker


Its colour does not quite stand out against the background (although if you scroll down a bit, with the greyscale text boxes it’s easier than with the GOW graphic.
However its positioning next to your profile button makes it pretty easy to stumble over it by accident, so I would assume, most users have spotted it early in their forum experience and are aware of it since.

Could use a bit of improvement, but with the way, “improvements” turn out both for the game and the forum, I’d say, we might be better off if they leave it like that.

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Um, no, that is not correct AT ALL, but the forum’s CSS has been broken for a long time now.

Here is what it SHOULD look like (from Firefox):
Foreground color is specified as #D2D2D2 not #2D2D2D.

Can you post your screenshot for comparison?

It looks like this for me, in both Edge and Firefox.

I added a red square around the search button because it’s almost impossible to see.

Windows 11 - Firefox 116.0.1

Interesting. I have the same, but it doesn’t look that way for me.

It does, we have the same problem.

Oh sorry. I thought you posted the screenshot, but it was a reply of Stratelier’s. :woman_facepalming:

Cool, glad it’s not something silly in my settings.

I think it was something, silly or otherwise, in both of our settings :smiley:

If you navigate to your Profile → Preferences → Interface and find which Theme you have active…

… then you may find, as I did, that ‘graceful’ was selected. I changed it to Gems of War 2019.1 to resolve the silliness.

Edit: Gems of War 2018 seems to function better, Gems of War 2019.1 scrolls way below the latest content when opening a thread.


Thank you! That ‘Gems of War 2019.1’ theme is so much better. I think it should be the default for new forum members.


Interesting, I completely missed out, that there was a new one released. I’m still using the 2018 default theme (well, it was default by then, maybe that changed).

Regarding the search button, I guess that one is kind of a middle ground between those ones.

Search and find 2018

(Opera on Windows 8.1, if that matters somehow)

Mystery solved! In hindsight, that should have been the first thing to check on (I’ve been running the 2019.1 theme for a while but only recently did it start to have the scrolling problems when navigating topics).

I don’t know WHAT was intended for the so-called “graceful” theme but it has contrast problems as a whole (e.g. toolbar buttons are generally #00440B vs. #222222) and never worked right from day 1.