Forum subtitle name

All these peeps with cool slogans by their forum names. How do I get one?

You need to become a regular on the forum.

Once you do, contact @Nimhain with the title that you want.


i asked myself the same question, i think i am very active user - but when all of these mentioned points must be true - i will never get a subtitle :frowning:

I think the requirements aren’t actually that strict. The main one is the 100 days requirement.

The actual requirement is not 100 but 50 days (since it says 50% of the last 100 days).


Huh, good to know! I always assumed that you needed to have hit 100 days registered first, and then it would make sure you had been active for 50% of them.

Trust me when i say you can irritate people with constant posting. I am a regular w/ title but i am sure someone does not like me at this point cause this is the internet.

To get Regular you don’t even need to post that much… you need to have posted in 10 topics and that’s it. The rest is just viewing, and likes, and not getting flagged.

Getting regular status is really easy. The hardest one would have to be looking at and reading 25% of all posts within the 100 day period. A lot of recruitment posts can start to drag the number needed up as well as very long discussion threads. I find the 50 day out of 100 to be one of the easiest since I check the forum every day. xD

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Totally agree. I open and scroll through, without actually reading, a decent number of posts.

I don’t read those threads, I just open my new tab, look at threads I want and dismiss the rest.

@Tacet am I right in thinking you should have the ‘Regular’ badge showing up in your profile once you’ve successfully met the targets (and only then contact Sirrian for your subtitle)?

Yes, it shows up in your badges and it will give a notification when it happens. You have to contact Nimhain for the title.