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Forum Request - Dislike

There are several posts that I’ve loved and consider a :heart: Like to be given.

More so however I’m seeing some that could deserve the opposite :stuck_out_tongue:

Bring on the :broken_heart: Dislike button! My post could be the first of many to be disliked :wink:


you would definitely get a dislike.


I’m afraid this forum wasn’t coded by the Game Devs : I’ve seen another forum exactly like this one, so they probably use a template and I don’t know exaclty how much they can edit it to their convenience.
So they might not be able to add such a feature, but I might be proven wrong.

Wonder if one day there will be a dislike feature on facebook.

The forum software is Discourse. There appears to have been several discussions on their meta board over the years about reputation systems and “dislikes”, with the determination being that it’s not a good fit for their goals.


Facebook didn’t bring any, so we probably ain’t get one either.

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From what I’ve read, Facebook doesn’t want to include a dislike button because FB is all about social life, and people with fragile mental could be really affected if some people they knew disliked aspects of their social life.

So FB’s case might be a bit unrelated :wink:

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I disagree with your post.

If you agree with something on a forum or enjoy having read it, having a like button saves a whole lot of reply posts that simply say “+1” or “That was a good post” increasing the efficiency of the forum while still rewarding those making the forum better.

If you disagree, you should respond with a counterargument because clicking a “dislike/disagree” button doesn’t generate anything constructive. I’m happy to be following my own example here. :yum:

And if you don’t enjoy a post, maybe others still do. The best response is to read, “like” and encourage posts you do like, growing the forum towards your tastes.


This solves the riddle of why people on the internet are so self absorbed. They receive so much praise without reprimand.


Sorry :wink: the post was meant to be quite tongue-in-cheek, brought on by a few recent posts where cries of woe were to be told.
I believe @Koolbiird understood the jest.


Oh is it? Isnt it all about the likes :stuck_out_tongue:

Reprimand from the masses can easily escalate to the level of harassment or lynching. Reprimand from an authority figure has its own risks, but on the internet, at least, abuse is less likely because the authority figure has fewer resources and more accountability than their pseudonymous users.

Also, as @actreal explained, requiring users to write a post to express their disagreement, rather than just clicking a single button, increases the effort required to do so, and hopefully as a result, discourages low-quality responses, elevating the quality of the discussion. A “dislike” adds nothing, other than perhaps animosity, while a good counter-argument fuels productive discussion, and may make the participants respect each other more, even if they’re not convinced to change their beliefs.

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This is a fair point and stance to take. Yes it adds animosity but from what i have noticed <3 a post gives no such benefit of animosity. So to would it not carry to the dislike button either. Some people are children on these forums and i mean their age not how they act so they might not want to know they were wrong but also if the response of why they were wrong is too long then it gets skipped or ignored. I agree it could escalate to level of harassment however if the dislike button was like the <3 button then it might not escalate because thee people on the forums would still be known about who or what they dislike. It would even be possible to see who picks on who through a dislikes button and silently make it so that the person who does the dislikes might not even see the user’s posts. Why read something if you are going to dislike it anyway which i am aware might be a fallacy but it would be a fallacy that could protect from the user. I think it adds more in informational resources. I believe it would be like a poll. Is this topic/post good? I do like the conversation aspect you would like to keep in these forums but there are those too lazy to post but have good reasons of disagreeing. The only thing i did notice between this post and yours is that both are aimed at children (basically how children would act if this was passed or not.) Children come here probable as much as adults, not sure but it is possible and i would think rational adults would be able to not be offended by being disliked.

:thumbsdown: is close enough without institutionalized negativity.

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Just like with the like button we can see your disapproval. i love it.