Forum birthday? Where please

Welllll… I can’t seem to find the date of my presumed forum birthday in my profile. I thought I first visited a few weeks before Christmas back when I discovered Day 1 Gems of War on my console dash.

Although I’m pretty sure it’s 505games who originally sent me the direct link to these forums. Google was being difficult. It always retrieved the Steam Community GoW forums instead even when XBox was specified in the search terms.

Help with locating my birthday please? Thanks.


You joined forum in 30th March 2016. You can see it on profile.


Ooooooo 4 days away theicla!!,!

Edit:for some reason i just cant get your name right even though its so close to mine hahahaha


Thanks for the cake @Theina
My young niece and nephew looooove chocolate. But I don’t think they could get that messy even if they tried! :couple:

@DonBoba ty! The forum join date listed (for my time zone) is indeed 29 March 2016… I’m not sure how I missed that, it was probably because I was looking for a December start date. Also I was posting stuff really early this morning, I was groggy. Hubby and I are still exhausted from pulling an all-nighter trying to track down an exchange server problem at work.

I’d been wondering when I started HERE because today’s my actual b-day (yay!) and I know I had first joined Mean Machine sometime in December. Then I left the guild ('twas hard to play with family over at Christmastime) and, finally, rejoined MM in April when we were Ranked #56 or so. And ever since then, we’ve had quite the journey with you Don at the helm, as our Constant and Fearless Leader. Thank you again for everything :slight_smile:

Thats the issue i was having since i was out of MM for a week. But looking at my google play achievements helped narrow it down