Forum badges list!


Ever wondered how many badges you could get on this forum?
Well, here’s the link to the badges page!

and @Archenassa is the leader… Actually @CrowdedWorlds is, but he’s staff…


Hmm… Guess I have to be less stingy with my likes if I want to be a Regular.:sweat_smile:


I have no clue how to get the “Reader” one…
I have read all the post (they’re all grey at least).


@dhjl, liking this post was a good step in that direction! :wink:


My guess is that you need to read every single post in a thread that is 100 or more posts long. There’s only one thread that big on this forum so far.

It took me three attempts of slowly scrolling through that whole thread to trigger the badge (because I am a shameless collector of these sort of things).

Also note that it often takes the forum a few hours to realise you’ve earned a badge - they don’t appear immediately.


Where do i click on the forum page to get to this link?
i have searched 2 times for it, but gave up after like a minute :smiley:
ps. like my post need likes for badges
pps. @crowdedworlds should we make a topic each just to get likes to earn badges? :stuck_out_tongue:




didnt even consider clicking that -.-


You start working on your regular badge MrSammy. I got money riding on dhjl and you getting it soon…


I realize you are likely joking, but please try not to encourage spam in the forums. I’d really rather not see this place turn into a pointless achievement hunt.

Also, I’m actually tied with Archenassa for badge count.


I am a DOTA player and this behaviour is actually known as TROLLING :slight_smile:


Dota players…


I hate trolls, that why I play league instead. Kappaface.


League is for children. RainbowKappa.

A lol player and a dota player walked into a bar. dota player said dota is better, lol player could not deny.


I’ve no idea, what I know is that it looks god awful, graphic and interface wise. And that’s what have kept me from playing it. From what I hear it’s better but only dota players say it, so it’s kinda hard to believe them.


By the way, how I know how many badges those other people have? I have 13.


You dont actually play it…
Basically, League is just way too cartoony and every second “champion” is a female with big brea***. Oh and you cant deny “minions” to get advantage on lane. AND you dont lose gold when you die. And every single hero can win you the game.

In dota you have all that and each “hero” has a role to play, which means that you cant just pick whatever and win… Thats why its stupid to not be able to pick from all available heroes at all times. Some heroes just counter others, while others counter those and so on.

As far as tutorial goes, its completely stupid, i must agree.

Depending on your machine, but overall graphics are amazing, dunno who told you otherwise. Interface is customizable but only via the in-game items.

As far as the badges go, i am interested in that as well :slight_smile:


Two ways. Click a users name from any post and you’ll see [Badge] [Badge] [Badge] [+? More] on their card.
Or go to a users profile and click the ‘Badges (?)’ tab.

Serale, you are also tied with Archenassa and I.


Thank Zelfore-chan! So when I get my “Reader” I’ll be ahead of everyone else. Life is good.


Hehe, no farming please :wink: Good content gets likes though!