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Fortnite Battle Royale Cross Play with Android/iOS

Cited in the article above Fortnite is getting cross play so why can’t gems of war do the same?

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And if you don’t believe that website. Here’s the same news from IGN.
Fortnite Battle Royale Is Coming to iOS and Android With Full Cross Play Support With PS4, PC http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/03/09/fortnite-battle-royale-is-coming-to-ios-and-android-with-full-cross-play-support-with-ps4-pc

It can often come down to the relationships companies and publishers have with first party. We are different to Fortnite in our economy and purchase structure, which is largely the reason we cannot have crossplay.

We wish we could, and if it becomes available to us we will work towards it straight away. (Unfortunatrely, it still isn’t an option for Gems of War at this time.)

I am confused by this response. We are told it is a legal matter that Microsoft/Sony won’t allow it but yet they will for Fortnite?

Why would they allow them and not Gems of War?

It is also a legal matter, but there are a lot of other factors that go into this as well.

I can’t comment on Fortnite, I’m just letting you know what we have come up against.

Well for sure the publishers are different.
Secondly, I imagine that Fortnite will be paying more to Sony/Microsoft for this ability. Very few games are cross-platform.
It has to be a very complicated issue involving a lot of money otherwise why wouldn’t all games be cross platform?
If say Neverwinter became cross platform. That’s when you can really be like wtf?

More than likely all the platforms struck some legal loophole “PRICE FIXING DEAL” so one provider could not offer discounts preventing players to buying all their MTX on platform x and transfer them to y when they play.

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Yeah, but if that’s what it is, then you’d imagine that couldn’t be THAT tough. All platforms would benefit by having more players ready and willing to play (thus, buy as well) with fixed prices across all of them.

Isn’t that essentially what we have now with Gems anyways? Is there actually a price difference in the store between PS4, Xbox, and mobile? The ONLY one I can think of is the dungeon gem packs costing 150 gems on conosle vs $4.99 on mobile… but really, that’s it. That can’t POSSIBLY be the only thing holding them back.

I’m good with it is as, leader boards as is, guild wars brackets stay as Is, if I want to be on pc/mobile servers, then I’ll play on that platform.
I vote no, stay as is.

I cannot take my ps4 any where I go but mobile can. So I think that they can stay on their side and we should stay on ours.


Yeah, I game primarily on my X1X, however I do dable with other games on a gaming rig and mobile phone. They all have strengths and weakness. But for me personally having a level playing field without legions of hacker/cheaters is the most important thing!

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Blockquote I cannot take my ps4 any where I go but mobile can. So I think that they can stay on their side and we should stay on ours.

Yeah but the point of syncing up would be that you would then be able to now play your ps4 profile on your mobile… thus, being able to take your game with you where you want.

I’m good, I don’t want to play that much.

That’s fine if you don’t, but personally I would at least love having the option to play on my phone, if I chose to (without having to start over).

It’s been three years, if they are going to invest time into anything I’d rather see game modes fixed and improved, not all of us put into one server.

Mobile can collect tributes anytime anywhere. It adds up overtime. Console players can’t.

And I don’t feel the need to burn all of my data on a game either.

Hopefully the game on mobile is also playable on wi-fi.

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It is. (Less than 10)

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fortnite is like 50million times bigger then this company, and being the number 1 game in the world. I’m sure to can be able to do whatever they want :slight_smile: Also, with all the money they are making!

Also they’re just trying to expand their player base. Not from just millions plying, but will be 10’s of millions of people playing worldwide

It’s been a game where PC, can cross play with PS4. but also, Xbox couldn’t cross play with any of them.