Formula for PVP points

Is there anywhere that quantitatively describes what goes into the +/- numbers we see before a PVP fight? Obviously team score enters into it, and I believe we know there’s a guild-related component. But is the formula out there somewhere? Can we calculate what the absolute minimum/maximum would be for each of the three trophy levels? I’ve never seen less than +10 for a one-trophy battle, but what if I left my guild (which I am too lazy to do)?

From what I understand, leaving your guild would only increase the number of PvP points earned. If you’re in one of the top guilds (I don’t know, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), then +10 is probably the minimum, or close to.

Unguilded, or in a new guild, I remember being able to get +70 points for 3-trophy battles; can’t remember if I ever got more than that.

I’m not aware of any publicy-known formula :frowning:.

You mean enemy team score, right?

Can’t speak for a formula - but higher kingdom progression (power levels) and completed guild tasks (bonus stats) contribute to your overall team score. A higher personal score vs enemy score (eg 10k vs 11k) will result in lower overall points and gold that you get from pvp rewards. It is inevitable - as you progress towards late game, you will find a significant decrease in pvp rewards. Some guilds have to work around this by not completing task at the loss of rewards, but if you’re completing your kingdoms (as you should), you will just have to deal with the decrease in pvp rewards unfortunately.

At around 8.5k team score vs 11k with VIP and ring I would get 65-70 points on 3 trophies with approx 8.4k gold per battle. Now that I’m nearing a 10k team score with kingdom power level progression I’m seeing around 2k+ gold less than what I was getting and rarely see a 70 point battle. Just the way it is! You will see the results of that increase in power elsewhere however, maybe theyll adjust this as more players progress! Those that have progressed much further see as little as 3.5k gold from a 3 trophy battle and down to 40points! It’s a tough life haha!