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Let’s “pretend” for a second that the AI/RNG changes it’s behavior on it’s own. Can we please get it some human attention and have it tweaked with? The AI is pretty much getting double Skull Damage 50% of the time. Thanks to the current “RFG” replacing skulls that are taken off the board when matched by the AI. Thus triggering more skulls to be dropped that go in favor of the AI’s action. If you are over level 1k and not seeing this behavior… Then kudos to you. I don’t need to be informed about your experience in the game play. But if you know exactly what I’m talking about then please speak up. The devs will only take time to look into this if a majority of it’s players are experiencing the same thing. If I’m really the minority on this then… How much more :heavy_dollar_sign: do I need to contribute to enjoy the game again?


Quit playing gems as much, that’s what I did. It’s not so bad anymore.


It’s the unity ai, we the people on console have seen this since the beginning and just have been told it’s in our heads, time and time again this comes up, nothing changes…


I agree that the cascade madness should have been fixed a long time ago.

However, the devs have said several times in streams that they are happy with how that is working right now. It’s pretty clear that they are happy with it because they nerfed certain troops to lessen the outcry about those troops seriously benefiting from cascades gone wild. Of course, nerfing those specific troops didn’t really solve the problem since the code should have been adjusted during the switch to Unity.


This skull thing started this week though.


This is old news for console players unfortunately


Have it twerked? You mean tweaked? Or you want to see the AI wiggling its posterior at you in-game? Does it even have one?


It’s unfortunate that my phone changed it to Twerked.
All better.


It makes us wonder what your phone is more accustomed to you typing…


Luckily… My phone is built to never reveal such things. Encrypted and built to self destruct in the wrong hands. Lol


Btw… I played on one of my alts today. I can’t help but feel like and older brother jealous of my younger brother. The AI/RNG is so much nicer to it. Makes sense though. There’s no way in hek I’d play this long if the AI was always like this.
Sad that the suggestion of stop playing for a day is most likely the the best option.