Forget lower level guilds, even higher ones can't close guild events

Dear Devs,

Until recently, if a guild could complete stage 10 of an event they won 3 celestial traitstones. Now things are much harder, but weaker guilds can still only complete stage 10. Yet, you moved that reward. Many of us relied on that very task to help upgrade weapons and troops.

Is there any way you could keep the celestials in Stage 10 for the weaker guilds?


Weaker guilds don’t spend money, therefore weaker guilds don’t matter.


Weaker players DO buy stuff, and way more than senior players since most senior players already have everything. But if you make them buy everything, they will leave – they have little invested in the game already.

Isnt there an active thread up to add more VIP levels? :thinking:

Vets have enough advantages without more vip levels. That’ll just give vets even more power. Case in point: my banning on in game chat, which you know, Daeron, was bs. I’ve never broken a rule, yet, a vip level 17 player reports me, and my honor is stripped, my reputation suffers, all because all that matters is vip.

I’ve noticed that my old guild is struggling to close events. Seriously, what is gained by all this?

It could only be less frustrating. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Gotta laugh some too…