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(Up) 2 spots are still open. We are a casual guild with rank 499, almost 200.000 trophies and almost developed guardian statues. Our only requirement is to play regularly.


I would like to join


What is your invite code?


Come join us. Leave your invite code, or pm it.


Hi i would like to join


Hello, the system tells โ€œDoes not existโ€ for your code.


it registered when I sent the invite


please check your mail! :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks all, the guild is full for now!


1 spot is open. We are a casual guild - our only requirement is to play regularly. Our statues are almost developed, and in some weeks we make 40k seals (level 6 guild chests).


Okay, the guild is full for now.


1 spot is free. We are a casual guild, but rather active. We do almost all guild tasks and get 40k seals (about every 3rd week). No special demands except to play regularly and collect guild rewards for everyoneโ€™s profit.

Update: okay, we are full for now.


1 spot is free! We are a casual guild. All statues are already developed to levels 100+, and sometimes we collect 40k seals in the end of a week. Just play regularly.


1 spot is still free. Itโ€™s good to start a new week with a new guild! Just play regularly and do not forget to collect guild tasksโ€™ rewards.


Up. We look for casual (but regular) players.


And 1 spot is still free. Have fun and keep it positive!


Is there still a spot ?
I wanna join there
I just started it few days ago
But majority guilds that i can find on the game are dead


Thanks all, we are full for now! All spots were taken.

Guild searching in the game is not effective, most of guilds being offered to join are dead or half-dead. (Maybe weโ€™ll see changes in 4.1?..)


any open spots?


Nope, the guild is full. And people are active, so there are no candidates to fire.