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Forever highlighted lands

One of my lands is always being highlighted in a circle without any reason. This does not affect the games but it might be a bug that should be fixed.

Do you mean like how my Suncrest has a circle?

If so, the circle means that it’s the currently selected kingdom.

yes exactly. Blackhawk . But if l do not anything there. It is not select. It is circling all the time even if it is not selected.

ThanX. :smiley:

If you haven’t selected another it will be on your home kingdom

A kingdom is always selected. If you click a different kingdom, Blackhawk won’t be selected/circled anymore.


Blackhawk is always selected. If go somewhere else an finish there, close the window and go back again,

Blackhawk is again selected.

Blackhawk likes me. :smiley:


Home kingdom. Only this can be the solution.

Hurray :smiley: Thank you very much, l think l got understand the mystery :blush:

I selected a new home and forget Blackhawk :blush:

Thank you for your helping. :blush:

You are nice.


Küldte a Windows 10 Posta

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Thank you very much, this Will be the solution. I Will move away :blush:

NO Blackhawk anymore. :blush:

Thank you very much.

It has puzzled me for weeks. :smiley: