Forest Guardian needs a tweek

First off, very cool legendary/guardian troop!
Also, super powerful troop.
Nature’s ally attack needs to be nerfed. The ability to have 2 gem manipulation attacks (one that includes transforming a gem into skulls) is already a great attack. You can control the board/turn the tide of a battle with that alone. Now add the insanely powerful ability to give all beast allies barrier (which includes the FG for some reason), dare I say it’s a tad unbalanced.
7 troops have the barrier ability, none of them have the ability to barrier multiple allies. Hero weapon Serve and Protect is the only thing that comes close.

Now I know that it’s a Guardian so it’s suppose to be powerful. Still, I would suggest either nerfing the gem manipulation OR barrier (and FG should not be able to barrier itself, it’s ALLIES.)