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Don’t worry about the keys, guys. Everyone’s arguing in the thread about Spoils of War being limited that you have way too many Event Keys and they’re way too easy to get. You only need 10/week.


Yeah it’s BS i also used 500 key to see my first legendary. I still got 3000 keys but soon i will spend them all and been stuck with only 10 key per week then good luck to catch them…

good thing i got lot of diamond so i will be able to craft them but again i will need to wait to see them in the rotation

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I hear event chests are going to start costing 180 glory instead of 15 gems.
The price of event chests were based on the ability to make gems from LT and not sink then away 3 weeks a month.
And by hear, I mean I just made that up. But it does make a lot more sense than most of the chests to resources formulas in the game already. :grinning:

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A different design and this could have easily been called a bush weasel.

I got it fairly cheap plus nailed the mythic to boot.

Fu#@ing finally, i guess the game was just waiting me to go below 70K of glory before giving me ALL legendaries in 20 Event Keys…

The nerve of RNG sometimes…

Now about that limitation on Event Keys:

I gues the devs are really aiming at making people quit. If Glory gains were out of control why they decided to give us so much Glory anyway? Why wouldn’t they explore other usages for Glory like fees and such for new events? At this point Glory will be as useless as souls after you craft Dawnbringer and have leveled all your cards…


It’s clear the devs want us to spend more gems but they seem to forgot there is a lot of people like me who will just quit the game. We already lost several hardcore players and it will only get worst


I don’t blame the devs. I started playing GoW October 2016 so I remember what the devs were like prior to 505 putting their grubby hands into our amazing game.

The devs approach back then:

  • Had a bad day at work? Here’s some free gems.
  • Did we wait a week to address your issues? Here’s some free gems.
  • Did you take time out of your life to find a bug in the game that we weren’t aware of? Here’s some free gems.
  • Were there server issues that caused severe lag or prevented you from playing at all? Here’s some free gems.

I also like to call those days of amazing customer service. The Lila36 days. She wasn’t the only amazing support agent. But things drastically changed shortly after she left the company.
I like to think that she saw the changes on the horizon and had her own “infamous Half-Baked scene” as she left the office.
Maybe IP2 was on the verge of bankruptcy and needed 505 to bail them out so Sirrian had to do a deal with Da Devil to keep GoW free to play.
We don’t know what caused the great gem nerf. Because IP2 would never throw the publisher under the bus. We’ll have to wait until Sirrian does his tell all book 20 years from now to hear the real story.

(505 is on the left, Sirrian is on the right… But 505 wants gems, not bodies)


I don’t like to use the Publisher Puppet for every moronic decision made.
To me things are pretty simple.

“Oh, players are getting too much glory and buying tons of event keys DESPITE all this time we AVOIDED reworking the shops, which would make the process less painful and dull and yet they endure all the pain and dullness…”

“Yeah… and we already gave plenty of excuses and ignored the most obvious and simplest suggestions they posted and reposted over and over…”

“So… should we sit down and make a detailed planning to address this problem? Maybe remove the Glory from Delves or just increasing the cost of Spoils of War since the ones who can purchase it multiples times are long-term veterans who can farm glory? This way the newish players can still earn some glory here and there while they purchase the troops packs which offers better returns to them anyway.”

“… :unamused: Who let this filthy reasonable person work here again? I’ll have a word with our RH departament…”

Honestly, i’ll just wait until they decide to nerf Delves. Maybe each room defeated will instantly increase the level of each new room by 100, WITHOUT actually increasing the Faction level unless you beat the Boss Room. Also there is a Shards Gnome on every room, if he ran away he’ll halve all your shards accumulated on your inventory.

Before this green-ish week end, here’s another Battlecrasher pic to remember it!


Spent some hell of Event keys, got 3 Kings and no Yasmine’s Chosen!