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For Great Science!

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/for-great-science/
What has Sparkgrinder been up to? Read on to find out…

New Troop: Royal Engineer

The Royal Adanan College of Engineers (you know, the place Sparkgrinder DIDN’T go) is renowned for its quality graduates, such as Sparkgrinder’s adopted daughter, Ghiralee. Most graduates aren’t exactly as hands-on as Ghiralee though, their work mostly involves planning and inventing new devices.

New Troop: Bombot

One such device, invented recently by the Royal College, is the Bombot. This devious little contraption can walk towards the enemy and explode. Sparkgrinder may call it crude, but there’s no doubt it’s effective!

New Legendary Troop: DRACOS 1337

Sparkgrinder has been at it again.
Meet the Draconic Robotic Assistant, Courtesy Of Sparkgrinder… otherwise known as DRACOS 1337
Why did he build THIS one? Ghiralee tells us it’s to keep control over Carnex if he ever runs amok again, but we secretly think he might just be looking for new ways to barbecue some cats.

DRACOS 1337 will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, and VIP chests in early September.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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So many legendary dragons. xD

I approve of this greatly.


At long last Adana gets its love. :slight_smile:

Hopefully you meant October and not September 2017.


Oh, I just noticed something. No Carnex rework?! Why? :frowning:

@Sirrian you do realize Carnex still gives a static 3 armor on his ability, right? That is 0.75 extra attack on his legendary ability, not even a whole 1. It should scale on at least 1/2 its magic.


Wow Dracos 1337 looks like a very powerful troop! Already thinking of pairing it with the Mechanist class Hero to give it a Fast boost.

No need, just use Mercy. In fact, just replace IK with Dracos on the Easy Mode team.

DRACOS 1337, as in DRACOS “LEET” (elite)?

Who’s pre-teen child got to name this Troop?

Dracos pose same as Sylvanimora.

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Also, DRACOS’ flavor text is:

Draconic Robotic Assistant, Courtesy of Sparkgrinder

Which is apparently what its name stands for.


I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve actually used it, but Dracos doesn’t look all that great. That is a huge amount of mana for what it does the 75% of the time it doesn’t kill. Just another something to consider if you have to choose between spending event keys during this event and also get a bunch of stuff from Adana that you may or may not already have to mythic, or next week where you probably still need a lot of copies of everything still.


I think they didn’t want to scale it too high. That 25% chance to instantly kill is the highest in the entire game. The 2nd highest is the Assassin weapon if the target is poisoned at 20%. Archer also does it at 15% and Assassin trait at 10%. This is the first targetable instant kill of such a high percent. It doesn’t really have a single counter other than stealthy.

I do feel like of those 3 troops, the common will be the most broken. Gems of War balance logic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sand Shark devours at 25%.

Hooray Adana love! I have been waiting… :rubs hands:

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Though I wasn’t really suggesting the 25% chance be higher or that the troop be rebalanced - it looks pretty niche and middle of the road, which is fine. He probably won’t be the OP team anchor I’ve seen others in this thread imply, though. Pre-impervious change Kerberos had the same chance to instantly kill any troop, and was already under-used. I’m just saying that for those that can’t spend heavily both this coming event and the next one, the next event might be a better time to open a bunch of event keys.


Great Maw is 100%

They are devour, not instant kill. Impervious and indigestion stops devour. Instant kill is stopped by nothing.


So Great Maw doesn’t Devour 5% of the total Troops.

100% on 95% of Troops > 25% on 100% of Troops

EDIT: It’s name is still hot garbage regardless

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Also, I have to agree with @tacet about reworking Carnex. Maybe the armor gain should scale with his magic, and not the exploding skulls? While we’re on the subject too, Tankbot 2000’s Fast trait is redundant with the Mechanist’s third trait - which makes it useless and a waste of traitstones. If it stacked, even just to give it 75% mana instead of 50%, it would feel kind of lame (to be fair it would put it on par with a lot of traits) but at least not useless.

I just love knowing what I’m not gonna get from my event keys this week lol :smiley: