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Flying cow herd spawned too successfully in arena

I was playing arena, and the opposing team had a flying cow, which ended up being their last troop left.
It activated migration and spawned another cow, fair enough. But then between these two, they spawned another 8. Every activation successfully spawned a cow, even though it is supposed to be 40%+ chance.
Also, each one was level 15, with 13 magic. I thought if a cow had 13 magic, it would spawn level 13 cows, which would have less magic and spawn lower level cows and so on.


there is no mention of level the bison is spawned in the description meaning its spawned solely based on the collection (in this case lv15) if im understanding it correctly

no idea about the chance, perhaps rng or a lot of purples on the board somehow…

Any troop that is spawned or summoned in Arena is level 15. As for the Bison, the 40% + increased % for the number of gems converted, that is calculated each time it summons one. I’ve had bad luck against them before and it’s time consuming and annoying.

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my flying bison is named…appa :blush: