Flash offers should be something worth offering

So basically…
If that is worth $10.
Then the devs think a MINOR Wisdom Orb…again… Not a MAJOR orb… Is worth $40.


Yes, some offers are a bit “funny” :smiley:
But it’s more a mindstrategy here. They could even add “worth 500 Dollar”, then people will think “whoa, I can save 99% here, looks interesting” buy

But I am sure all of us are surprised, how often this offer is probably bought :money_mouth_face:

You’re forgetting the extra 15 VIP points!

Extra?? 25 vip points for $5 is the standard trade.

But since the “deal” is worth $50. Shouldn’t 250 VIP points be on the table? :thinking:

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They really need to reevaluate the prices/premium-economy, three years without significant changes in the shop menu and prices range is too long.

We are literally complaining about wanting to give them money. What kind of Bizarro World is this?


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The $50 part is criminal and not new.

I was sort of excited about this deal when I thought it was a major orb. But a minor for $5 is just kind of… insulting.

Also note what @awryan is pointing out: VIP points are the only thing that has a consistent valuation in the game. They have never been more expensive than 5 per dollar. But everything else swings wildly. Sometimes a gem is worth less than a penny. Sometimes it’s worth a dime.

For smart people the answer is “I don’t buy unless I want the VIP points.” I liked the gem sale last week because it was a lot better than the average gem deal. This is… pretty terrible unless you are an absolute newbie.

(Though speaking in F2P terms, “absolute newbies” are the target audience. They’re the ones who haven’t been able to gain an intuitive grasp of the worth of items yet.)

Orb of wisdom is decent if you don’t have all your troops traited, and $5 for it and 100 gems seems like a fair deal.

When it says Uncle Scrooge, it has to be really great deal :slight_smile:.

I keep saying you will catch more flies with honey. They need to sweeten the pot.

I play this game a lot and often find myself wanting to throw some money over to the developers, but the prices in the store are just insulting. I have spent money just for the VIP bonuses, but every time I felt ripped off. I keep looking for something worth buying, but since there is some formula dictating the relationship between Money, Souls, Gems, Maps, Gold, Glory, etc. Everything feels like 80% too expensive.

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I can relent and say if I view this deal as “$15 for some VIP points and gems it’s still a pretty decent rate.” For a player who’s trying to get to VIP 3 there are a lot of worse ways to spend $5, and for that player some minor orbs of wisdom can go a long way.

But in my personal valuation I’d pay more like $2.99 for this, even with the drop in VIP points. $4.99 for the major and I’d have already bought at least one.

But there’s still no dang universe where the value of even a major orb of ascension approaches $50.

So, on the “value of an Orb of Wisdom” part, lets use a little bit of deductive reasoning and math.

You can use Orb of Wisdom for exactly two things in game:

  • Craft them into Major Orbs, which is trading down unless you intend to go for Zuul’Goth
  • Use them to unlock one trait on one troop.

As for the Zuul’Goth angle, we know from data gathering that Ascension orbs are far rarer than Wisdom orbs. We also know that you can’t get Ascension orbs from any source where Wisdom orbs don’t also drop, and more commonly. Since Ascension orbs are always the bottleneck, an additional source of Wisdom orbs is essentially useless in this regard.

If you are using them for traiting, the highest “value” you can get out of a single orb of wisdom, as far as traits go, is to use it to unlock the third trait on a mythic. This saves you 24 arcanes, 4 celestials. We know from previous packs being sold with just Arcanes that Arcanes have been previously valued at about $1 a piece, which is, as we know, pretty high already. But this would mean they are valuing celestials at about $4 each, which is kind of absurd even by the scale that we have been using. This is assuming this is the only time you’d use an orb of wisdom, because every other instance has a much lower “value” than this.

Basically, the “true value” of this one is suspect even by their own already inflated metrics. Not that the $5 price tag for what is being offered is even that bad. It is the claim that it is a “$50 value” that I have a problem with.

How would I solve this? Well, if Wisdom orbs didn’t have such an obviously small and finite value, then it would be harder to pin down the “true value”. I’ve been saying this since orbs were previewed. Too bad so much time has passed and players have built up gluts of Wisdom orbs such that giving them another purpose may no longer be feasible. Alternatively, maybe, uh, don’t claim the package has a $50 value and go with a lower number instead? A lot of people jumped on the last pack with an “80% discount”, I’m not sure who decided this one needed to be a “90% discount.”


Haha, I was being sarcastic.

But I totally agree with the whole premise, the value these offers provide is just slightly better than finding flaming poop left in a paper bag outside my front door by the neighbour kids.

Only very slightly better, mind.

Yeah in the end I wouldn’t be half as bothered by this deal if it weren’t for the “A $50 value!”

That’s just shady sales tactics.

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