[Fixed] World Event WTF scoring schemas?

If you are fortunate enough to be in a high rank guild then almost every event is irrelevant because the rewards offered have not been updated to make them relevant. We have objected to event overload but many of us have no reason to engage. So don’t. Make them offer something (unlike daily offers) that is worth gem or other investment.

I currently see nothing in this game that is worth a single gem.

I guess this is how they designed it to show when it’s an event with a guild leaderboard (instead of individual leaderboard). So you know the score that goes on the leaderboard? :thinking: I don’t know, it is kind of odd.
We’ve never had a guild leaderboard for a world event before, so we never got to see it in action. My guess is this one is like that by mistake.

It could be by mistake. It could be to make the bots which calculate how many tiers are needed fail. Could be for any reason.

I think it’s weird.

Lol a mistake? Again?

No no no, as we learned from dungeons, the correct complaint format is:

WOW! Players are benefiting from a HUGE bug in this week’s event. It’s super EASY to get all the rewards this time. Thanks DEVS!


Thats why no bugs benefitting the company should ever be reported again.

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Hey all,

Just chasing this up this morning, the Fight screen map score should be displaying your individual score but as you have discovered currently it is displaying your Guild total.

The team is working on a fix for this.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Looks like it has been resolved. Now the leaderboard shows personal scores

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All of the players that spent gems for sigils to play a “guild” leaderboard should be reimbursed for thinking this is a fun event for the whole guild. Only GoW can take everyone to Disney Land, and make them only ride “its a small world”.


I guess World Events are so old that the current dev team has forgotten Guild World Events were actually part of the promised features of the flexibility of World Events. I feel bad for the people that spent heavy on it. yikes.

everyone should look at what was proposed vs what we’ve gotten so far


The scoring! Oh my God they promised so much and delivered so little.


Why can’t we have guild leaderboards sometimes?

If the goal of the devs is to reduce peoples gem stashes then that is the easiest way. I don’t care for my own score but I’d help the guild get into the leaderboard every time it was applicable.
I’m sure there would be others and then I’m sure it would more competitive so more gems spent.

I’m glad I held off yesterday as I just can’t trust things to be left alone now. But a lot of people were excited and spent their gems only to have the rug pulled.
I did make a topic on this 15minutes after reset but deleted it to avoid this scenario.

Not to mention that the original post in this thread was referring to the imbalance of scoring, last week was a very expensive event and this week the OP finished the minimum score before using all sigils. OP is asking for consistency.
But CX team change leaderboard and mark as [fixed] without even reading the post :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:

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Always thought this was ridiculous :sweat_smile::joy:

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Wait… It isn’t a team event? I spent extra gems on this thinking the Guild was working together on this one…

As pointed out above, Guild world events were mentioned before world events were released as well as upon release… Although when I asked about them in a Salty stream, she appeared to be unaware of that :sweat_smile:

And whatever happened to this…?

“and will clearly explain the scoring method” :joy:


Was the leaderboard meant to be “fixed” as well?

The official communication says they are just fixing the score displayed on the fight map screen:

So, from all we know the switch to an individual leaderboard is a bug that got introduced as part of fixing the display, and should be corrected soon. Anything else would be very foul play, unless they plan to refund shop tier purchases. Some guilds went all in to compete for the top ranks, yanking the grand prize away a day later, after participation fees have been paid, would be unlikely to go down well.

I’ve opened a bug report to address the currently incorrect leaderboard type.


Hi folks,

Sorry for the delay following up on this.
The Leaderboards have been fixed and we have planned compensation to send out.

The details are here:


" Compensation for this issue is will be refunding all players who spent Gems in the event from Tier 1 in the first 24hrs. This will be sent out to players via a Server Fix."

Yeah, that’s pretty nice


This is nice to hear about the compensation, but I don’t think I will be getting 6k gems back :rofl: But it’s just a game, and we are here just to have fun :smile: