[FIXED] Wight stealing life even with barr

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Wight adds life to itself, witj opponent having barrier on, but it doesnt steal opponent life.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Have wight target any opponent with barrier.


sorry had to edit because video link didnt work. Hopefully this hosting site should do the trick

Life steal used to be two independent steps, first deal the specified amount of damage (modified by traits and effects), then gain the specified amount of life (unmodified). That was changed a long while ago, making the amount of life gained equal to the damage done. I wonder if only Wight has reverted to the old handling, Drakuulis could get pretty ugly back when barriers didn’t stop him getting stronger…

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Alas, the number of incorrect interactions that are not fixed because they don’t happen often enough keeps piling up: an official Master Thread with all these would help put into perspective the things that can easily be fixed if we revisit certain modules (e.g. Destroy Armor, Lethal…) to make sure the code does exactly what it is supposed to do, with little to no room for conflicts with existing/future effects.


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This should definitely be looked at.

I suppose that any troop with the same or similar life-draining mechanics might be doing the same, so this requires a more broader perspective of looking into several troops, not just the Wight.

@Kafka : could Devs/Mods at least acknowledge these seemingly small housekeeping pending matters, and possibly add them to the known issues list if confirmed to be bugs?

It’s been posted in the right category 7 days ago, and yet 2 posts by a ragequitting upset player who never really got to understand GoW gets more responses than real technical issues?



Wait this behavior is unintended? Life and Death definitely still does this in two steps.

Hmmm, I can’t replicate it. I swear the last battle I had with L&D, it gained life on each hit even though my Hero (only troop remaining) had barrier. It wasn’t just the +4 from the upgrades.

Hey sorry for the delayed reply.

I’ve been working on bug reports for the past 2-3 days solidly but had to reply to the other thread as the community was being disrupted :frowning:

Thanks for the video!!! I’ve made sure the team are aware of this.

This is basically happened because Wight is one of the original Troops from when the game was first released and uses legacy code so the spells worked differently back then, which wasn’t a problem because Barrier didn’t exist.

Nowadays, it has a weird interaction. So we’ll get that fixed up :slight_smile:


Just following up to let you know this has been fixed :slight_smile: