[Fixed] Vulpine Protector not unlocking through gem masteries

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I was expecting the new Vulpine Protector weapon to unlock at 50 Water/Nature gem mastery, on the next hero level up if already past that point. This doesn’t seem to be happening, nobody has received Vulpine Protector so far. Screenshot was taken from the unowned weapon list, the weapon is visible, the trigger condition appears to be broken.

This also seem to be an issue on other platforms, see this bug report for Playstation.


I just leveled up, selected blue, still didn’t get it. Just to add to this

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I selected green no dice.

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Weapon should have unlocked irrespective of what mastery you chose. Provided you have 50+ in blue and green when doing so.

This has always been the case when new mastery weapons were added.

Level up - game does check to see you have the required mastery numbers - weapon given if so.

Obviously something else is wrong.


i am a fair war of leveling up, seems quite unreasonable that players that are 1000 plus (i am 1626) should level up to recieve a weapon through masteries. That ends up being a chalenge in its self and only becomes hards if players have progressed further, can i suggest that the players that have met the requirements have this weapon mailed to them.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I’ve let the dev team know about this and they are currently working on a fix that will go out in the next 24hrs.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


thank you i have it in my inventory now, STEALTH DROP :smiley:

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What do you mean thank you? You have it in your inventory? (Clearly, they fixed the mix-up)

So this means I can put my $49 back in my pocket because up until now I was getting ready to purchase this thing. Well, devs ya lucked out. I’ll put my money away for safekeeping. (I’ll probably spend it on something else for VIP points)

Anyway, devs, carry on. Good job on fixing the mix-up. :sweat_smile::+1:t4:

Did it trigger after a level up or any other specific action?

Restarted app and still nada here
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no it was just in my inventory, however i have noticed that i havent long leveled up so that may have been the trigger.

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Thanks. I didn’t even notice I have it until I read your comment. I was still waiting for it when level up, haha

I still didn’t get the weapon, with all criteria met.

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Even after leveling up? been trying to reach the next level through incessant Explore1 in the hopes of unlocking the weapon, but takes quite a while and I’m still just 60% of the way there
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I had a levelup - after the posting of @OminousGMan in this thread. Next levelup will take some time due to real life w0rg -.-


Finally levelled up (picked green mastery, but no reason to believe it matters at this point), and now the weapon is there
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Yup any level up works now, I leveled up and picked up red mastery and still got the weapon!

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Mine also showed up. Status of bug report still says reported, maybe there’s still something they need to iron out? :thinking:

Hello :slight_smile:

Just wanted to follow up, that this issue has since been fixed!

If you haven’t received your weapon yet, you should get it when you next level up.

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