[FIXED] Sacrifice Spell Not Updated

Someone on Reddit brought this up. The troop Sacrifice is unable to kill your last troop if it has a barrier despite the change from the 4.6 update:

Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Purple and a chosen type. Kill the last ally. All other allies gain [(Magic / 2) + 1] Magic, boosted by Death Marked enemies.

(This was fixed at some point :+1: )


Apparently no such thing as a Lethal Damage spell category. Every spell which does lethal damage updated manually one-by-one, some not get updated.
Like taking Megavore to Mirror Halls, very bad idea as I remember, reflect still instant kill you if Megavore’s 3rd trait triggered on a troop which has reflect.

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Oh that’s awkward. I didn’t think editing the post would bump to the top.

This specific one was fixed at some point.

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Glad this was fixed. You could update the title of the original to say [fixed] if you want…

Since it’s at the top anyway, did you know: If a troop with barrier gets deathmarked and the deathmark triggers… barrier is removed, and the troop is no longer deathmarked (but also not dead).

(as far as I know this is working as intended, and also not a bug).

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It also removes all of it’s Armor (iirc)!! Bit of a weird idiosyncrasy, imo :sweat_smile:. Not good for Rowanne ToD teams :worried:.

Although iirc also, the Death Mark remains (unless it also cleanses that same turn???), just the Troop survives and the Barrier is removed (and Armor as well).