(Fixed/not a bug) Huge reduction in gold, souls and glory received from tributes

Having the same issue and support this request.

Yeah, after some 15+ tributes, its clear devs have definately changed the formula calculation. I recognize its now a more logical way of calculating the amount of glory, gold and souls but to have made that without even saying it in the 4.1 patch notes is unacceptable! The change is HUGE! Income severly reduced!! And yet, so few people complaining about this…


Because it didn’t affect gems or keys at all, just gold/glory/souls. The largest affect is going to be seen by end gamers who have kingdoms maxed with high stars who likely don’t care about souls & glory so gold is the only real hit they’re taking. And that’s not ultimately that large of a difference in the grand scheme. While newer & mid-gamers can certainly use the glory/souls they aren’t going to see as large of a difference per tribute.

Besides, if there’s been a “mistake” in the calculation all this time we’ve benefited for an awful long time and should if not feel grateful for that added bonus at least not feel cheated that something we weren’t meant to have was finally eliminated.

Sure, it should have been mentioned in the patch notes that it was fixed but I still think the devs feel (erroneously) that not bringing attention to things players won’t be happy about means they’ll just get swept under the rug & no one will notice. Someone always notices though…

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yeah I noticed it, like some others… Im okay with gold, souls and glory reduction. No prob. Even if its huge. easily 3-400 glory less on 15+ tributes.
But when something so drastically change, its not possible and unacceptable to see the devs not saying it in the patch infos. And I repeat: I think the actual way of calculation is the fair and normal one. The one that should always have been in effect.


This is emblematic of a shift in how the devs communicate with the player base. When the game was newer/smaller and Sirrian/Nimhain/etc. could spend more time on these forums, this change would have been announced with an official post stating why the changes had to be made. It wouldn’t have been pleasant to hear, but at least we would know it was intentional and for the health of the game.

Then the death threats (and possibly other badness) happened, Sirrian and Nimhain stepped back from the forums. Maybe this is due to increased control by the publisher and its awareness of how to grow/retain player bases, or maybe it’s just because the team is so big that not everyone in Melbourne is aware of every change being made. But it doesn’t feel very good as a player when the devs push changes that negatively affect your resource gain and try to pretend like nothing happened.

Example 1: the recent change to PVP matchmaking. This was absolutely done with the intent of reducing the frequency of 4x Fire Bomb teams. But instead of saying “yeah, this was breaking the economy”, I+2 tried to misdirect us by focusing heavily on a related but separate feature of the change. And by not even mentioning whatever change was made that affected Fire Bomb teams. (Still a little raw on that, since 3x Fire Bomb teams pop up frequently, sometimes on consecutive rerolls. And I routinely see the same player names multiple times in a small number of rerolls.)

Example 2: this change to tributes. Again, I won’t even argue that this was needed. We were getting too much stuff from tributes, and for years apparently. But to slide that into a patch and not even mention it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.


Putting on my tinfoil hat, both of these changes are due to the Underworld and its heavily gold-gated advancement.


Hey we didn’t make changes to Tributes in 4.1. Nimhain wrote the patch notes herself :slight_smile:

The Tributes appear to be getting collected normally.

Please feel free to post screenshots if you’re concerned.

Are you sure? Since before the update, each tribute was around 200-300 glory.

Now, some of my 10+ tributes don’t even make it to 3 digit glory count. I’d take screenshots, but that’s literally every tribute every hour now.


Absurdly lucky tribute from before the patch:

Lucky tribute after the patch:

I am unsure how an extra six kingdoms can generate 14,000 additional gold. Or, for that matter, how to get 19,000 gold out of 20 kingdoms in the first place.



Looking at gold amount won’t prove much, as it can just explain away as player on top screenshot didn’t correct tribute for a whole day, so all the daily gold added up.

Looking at Soul/Glory gain though, it’s clear something is going on. Using your example, how could an extra six kingdoms can generate additional 300 glory and 2,000 souls? It’s impossible unless the tribute calculation is changed/fixed.



I’m willing to bet you $500 that they got changed as described, to a charity to be determined by the winner. Anybody on your side prepared to take up the bet?


I agree. Tribute has been cut in half. Sure we get more kingdoms now but the resources have been tampered with. I barely go over 200 glory now. Before it was 3 to 400.
I knew it wasn’t just me. Thanks!

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No pic but received 211 glory from a 19 kingdom tribute.

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Easily 300-400 less than the average we had before for such tributes. Maybe only 200 less if you are super unlucky with which kingdoms triggered the tribute and 500 less with luck with trigerring the high glory kingdoms.
I had several 18 to 21 (my most) and never ever they gave only 200 glory.

They must think we are blind if they say nothing has been changed.



If there are a bunch of people mucking about in the code, it is certainly possible someone noticed and fixed a bug. Then, since there was no “known issue” associated with that bit of code, there was no report to make or ticket to close. It would explain why Nimhain didn’t include it in the patch notes, and why Kafka is saying nothing changed (however, a diff of the 4.0 and 4.1 code bases would likely prove her wrong).


There clearly is a tribute nerf :-1:


I got 17 kingdom tribute last hour.

So far away from 20 tribute before 4.1 update. I think they accidentally reduce it somehow. Hard to be intentional if they really don’t directly change tribute calculation code.

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You may not have intended to change the rewards, but you did. Glory is much lower than before the update.