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[FIXED NEXT UPDATE] My time to shrine achievement

Xbox series x


Filled the shrine no achievement.

Will be fixed in the next update.

Any idea when. This why they should test the achievements before release but that evolves them getting off there backsides and doing there job something programmers today won’t do.

We have already made the necessary fix for this achievement but it can’t be released until the next major update. It isn’t a small server side change, so has to go out with our bigger update. (To clarify, the fix has already been made, we just aren’t able to release it yet.)

This why games like your should not have achievements too lazy to test them before release.

Thanks for not answering my question.

Is there a timeframe for when this next major update is released?

Just downloaded the patch and the My Time to Shrine achievement popped for me!


Hello team, this issue should now be fixed with the release of 5.3.5.

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Thanks for the update!

Is the update delayed for the X1? Game hasn’t auto-updated and there is no pending update on my console for it. And i’m still running the holiday theme.

Guess i’ll hope for it to update tomorrow.

It can take up to 24 hours for the update to propagate across all platforms and countries. :slight_smile: