[Fixed] New Troop Geryon is Merfolk

Platform, device version and operating system: Android

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I’m not sure what type of troop I was expecting this thing to be, but it’s clearly not merfolk

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since the troop was released today.

Steps to make it happen again
Just take a look at it. I’m thinking it should be some combination of beast (based on the flavor text), monster, and/or wildfolk.


We will get a fix for that out shortly. He should be a Monster.


This is the same type of mistake as releasing a deep delve troop with none of the delve colors. Devs say that we MUST NOT trust on third party sites with upcoming events or troops and that is fair. But I’m curious if they have a double check for any suspicion raised by the player base when we peek on this third party and see the possible mistake.
In the past, player base warned about the deep delve color error and even then they released with the issue. Now it’s the same. We alert about the troop type beforehand and it seems that only after the release and the flow of complaints that the Devs decide to check. I hope it’s not true, but history says otherwise.


It should be beyond obvious by now that there’s a significant disconnect somewhere in the feedback processes.

It’s possible that our feedback is the proverbial “tree falling in the woods with nobody around”. That all the things we point out in places like here simply go un-read. I’m inclined to think that this isn’t the case, at least given how feedback for the Epic Trials teams went. Not that they listen to our constructive criticism or adhere to it, mind you, but they have acknowledged some amount of mis-steps and they are changing things in a piecemeal fashion on a weekly basis.

It’s possible that the usual suspects (the forum mods we all know and love) are reading our feedback and simply ignoring it. Which isn’t different from a practical perspective from the previous paragraph-let, at least from the player point of view.

It’s possible that our feedback is being read by those usual suspects and being passed up the chain, but the people who make the decisions about Gems of War are choosing to ignore them. Which wouldn’t be surprising, because I suspect a lot of us believe that the increasingly rare interactions we get from company personnel on these forums aren’t with people who have any real power to do anything.

It’s also possible that our feedback makes it up the chain of command and sparks some decisions to make changes, but those changes are either not implemented at all or implemented poorly or even just sitting in a queue “to be done someday” for lack of resources to make the changes now. I don’t believe it’s this one, but it wouldn’t be wholly shocking for that to be the case considering the growing consensus in these spaces about the lack of resources being dedicated to this game.

Something is broken. But we don’t really have enough information to diagnose precisely what the break is. And it’s something we’ll never have enough information to diagnose without being able to “look under the hood”, something I strongly doubt will ever be forthcoming; the Powers That Be don’t seem inclined to share those things anymore and the people who once did no longer seem to be part of things. (For example, we used to get weekly streams in the early/earlier days of this game and a lot of positivity came out of that.)


i have this feeling too. Which is awful, because we may send a lot of negativity toward people who can’t do much and are kept in the dark just like us. It’s no surprise that some mods left this work. They may be employees that are following strict rules of not informing too much and/or are unable to get a simple answer from people above them. And what they can do or say to us? Barely nothing.

That’s a huge issue. Of course we can’t know every single aspect of the game, but some things could be informed on an overall explanation. But we keep receiving the same response “We’ve checked the code and found no issue”. Maybe that’s what they’ve been informed and know nothing else (back to previous point), but maybe they simply don’t know what to do to fix a lot of minor bugs that are creating a huge snowball and don’t want to disclosure that.

This is escalating continuosly and there is no end in sight.