[Fixed in next update 5.6] The new Achievement/Trophys it does not work!

The new Trophys it does not work.

I make over 50 Uberskulls and have renewed a Campaign Task.
But still I have not received anything. :thinking:

PS: You are a german Playstation Gamer.

Its the same we had two years ago, Trophies only worked with english system language. This Bug came back with the latest update now. Works fine with an english playstation system, but not with a german (and maybe other language have the same problem).

This Bug was eliminated with an update in 2019 now its back :roll_eyes:

yes, thank you worked
still completely stupid actually

Hey, we’re very sorry for this issue, it will be fixed in the next game update version 5.6.

For anyone else having the issue here’s what you can do in the meantime if you set your Playstation language to English you will be able to achieve this Trophy.