[FIXED IN 6.3] Adventurer's Path icon persists on level >100 players

PC, Windows 7

I’m level 1132 player. I started playing before Adventurer’s Path came out. It was a feature designed for new players. I went to profile (click portrait on top left corner) and in the skills tab clicked Adventurer’s Path and claimed rewards there. This put Adventurer’s Path as permanent UI element on top of map screen (see screenshot) which wasn’t there before. Issue persists after resetting game.

Expected behavior: Adventurer’s Path is accessible through hero panel for players above level 100.

Reproductible by following steps I took. Have high level, load up Adventurer’s Path for first time. I think removal of this icon could have been triggered by reaching level 100, which didn’t happen for old players.


This is very annoying as there isn’t anything for me to do in this menu that I haven’t done.


Notably, this icon does not appear if you have not collected the rewards, regardless of your level. Just visiting the menu alone doesn’t put the icon on the map.

Collecting the rewards seems to be what triggers it to appear, so the check is possibly inverted.


still on nintendo switch its really annoying

Hey all,

This will be resolved in the next major update! :sparkles:

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