(Fixed) Error TINA-9000

Why when I use the hability of Tina-9000 attack only 1, 2 or 3 objetives, when the description say attack 3 objetives?

It’s a bug, it will be fixed when version 4.3 of GoW comes out.

To help you understand the bug:

The way normal people read and interpret the ability is that TINA should pick 3 unique targets and deal damage to them.

The way the ability was implemented is it picks 3 completely random targets and deals damage to those 3. That means it might pick the same opponent twice or even all three times. What it really does is:

“Pick a random target, deal damage. Repeat this twice.”

Actually… It is picking 3 random targets (could be the same target) at the start of ability and hit it all in succession. Any dead target will still get hit as the selection has been done at the very beginning. Hence the bug.

Ugh, yeah, that’s what makes me mad about this behavior. Even when I try to explain what it does, I end up explaining what it should do.