[Fixed] Cedric's Shiny Distraction works somewhat wrong

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows x64

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When taking last troop to forward, Cedric’s skill shifts troops before. Even if first place is empty. In result this empty place shifts, as seen on screenshots.

I didn’t test it, but I suspect that other shifting spells works the same way.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always was here, I suppose.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Get enemy without first troop.
  • Cast Shiny Distraction.
  • Observe empty space shifting.

Thanks for the report!

When this issue occurs, does it only happen if there are 0 Troops in the first and last slots? Or if there is only no Troops in the first slot? Does this happen every time?

Anecdotally, I think it happens every time, and whenever there are 2-3 troops, and 1+ spaces in front of the first troop. So the combinations oXXX, ooXX, oXXo (as above), and oXoX would all produce this.

If there is only one troop left, it is brought to the front.

Also, if there is a space in the middle, somewhere, I believe that space is preserved, e.g. XoXX --> XXoX.

Just as Jonathan reported. I.e. it works by the same scheme always:

  1. All troops shifted one place down (including empty places).
  2. Last troop goes to front (regardless of position of this last troop).

So, for example, layout above 0XY0 or layout 0X0Y both will become Y0X0 -> XY00, and only then will start to switch X and Y as expected.

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This does also occur with Giant Toad and its spell Tongue Lashing.

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Thank you, I have a made a report for the team to look into!


This is how it works with first two slots empty.


Wow, Cedric is such a troll.

Anyhow - some of the team are away at the moment but I’ve bumped the report up a priority due to the other one over here too.

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More on this troop shifting issue. Not Cedric this time.

Dust Devil room in delves. If you start DD room when your first slot is dead (0XXX) and Dust Devil casts, it simply ignores that empty spot - your troops are shifted around but the first slot still remains empty.

This one is right. Its description is “knock first enemy to back”, so it will eventually move all first slots empty.

More interesting is reverse issue - if it shifts last empty space up… Testing…



Yes, the same algorythm is used, obviously.


Fixed in the 4.7.5 Update (I think? Please correct me if wrong), I assume under

Thank you, but also please mention it specifically, particularly given that it previously appeared on the Known Issues list (and affects game mechanics, rather than some unseen aspect of client performance, for example).

It’s a nice surprise, but also doesn’t make me feel good or boost my confidence about internal communications and processes.

Also, since it affects game mechanics, I think not mentioning it increases the chance that someone makes a bug report saying, “Troop shuffling doesn’t work properly anymore!” just through the (lack of) passing on of information through guilds and in chat.


Oh wow, it does look like it’s fixed.


I would not consider a bug that took 13 months to remedy to be a “minor bug”.

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Trivial, Tedious, Insignifiiccant, Irrelevant…I think I’m heading in the wrong direction.

I would hope any bug, major or minor, wouldn’t take 13 months to resolve. Positive thoughts, inhale, exhale. I am one with the Puddling. The Puddling is with me. Gobbledygook?

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Sorry for not calling it out in the patch notes, it’s been so long since anyone brought it up it was counted under the “minor bug fixes” part of the patch notes.

I tried to make sure we called out the ones that were most relevant/important to the community.

@Kafka this bug is mostly fixed, but in my experience will still create a gap if the last two slots are left, unless it is intended to go from:

Slot 1: EMPTY
Slot 2: EMPTY
Slot 3: TROOP A
Slot 4: TROOP B


Slot 1: TROOP B
Slot 2: EMPTY
Slot 3: TROOP A
Slot 4: EMPTY

I could probably post screens if needed (especially since I can’t recall whether “Troop A” also gets shifted down into “Slot 4” or not).

I could also just be wrong in assuming Cedric’s spell should never create a gap that prevents his charm from working.

It’s working correctly.
At least according to the text in the cast.
Move a troop to the first position. So if you don’t already have someone in the second position then there’s going be a gap. Always.