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[FIXED] Baihu doesn't create gems and gives no glory

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

  • Baihu should create gems but doesn’t. I also tried if it does when the enemy survives the cast but this doesn’t change anything.
  • Baihu should give extra glory in PvP but doesn’t as well. There is no extra glory given in Explore - just a bonus check for wrong wording.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always, since he is available.

Steps to make it happen again
Just use Baihu


Same on PC

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Same on Android phone

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Baihu first appeared in the game files on Feb 24, 2021 with a finished spell and was released on Mar 22, 2021 with a change to his boost ratio.

Did anybody on the dev team playtest the troop to ensure basic functionality between Feb 24 and Mar 22?


I have been getting 5 glory per battle using him in Explore; I think this is the 5 glory he should be giving in PvP? (I get no glory in Explore if I don’t use him.)

And yes no yellow gems created.

Android + PC here, seems the same on both.

ROFL… you… you think the devs play this game? Hahahaha


Yes, I’ve just checked this and same for me.

Same here, doesn’t create yellow gems.

Same here :raised_hand:t3: also on Android AND PC

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Curious if this works for anyone?

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The answer is always no


Same here, doesn’t create yellow gems
On Xbox

The level of incompetence from this dev team is reaching levels I never thought possible.

I mean yes, it does feel like “does the behavior match the flavor text” should be a gating test for release of a new troop to production.

OTOH though if you’re looking to farm glory chests the “oops, bonus glory in Explore not PvP” bug is a gift; throw Baihu into your favorite Explore L1/L2 farming team and wild out.

It is true, but it is useless to explore.

The developers lost interest in this game.

Explore is way more useful than PVP. Medals are going to be the biggest Kingdom Power blockers in the near future.

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This is now fixed!


This is not resolved.

Have you restarted your game and downloaded the small update?