[Fixed] Ace of Runes Still Broken

I have moved this post from the post that said fixed.
I was wondering if you have any news on when my account will be fixed, I know that you and the others may be busy but any information on my account would be really helpful. I want to keep supporting the game, but it’s really hard to when I haven’t heard anything.
Ace of Runes Broken


This is the wrong place, you need to open a support ticket here to get your account fixed. You’ll probably want to pick “Technical issue” as type and you should describe again what happened. Bug reports are mostly for preventing issues to happen to others in future, not for cleaning up the side effects of issues you stumbled into.

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I’ve already put in a ticket when it first happened.

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Never know this could help prevent the same bug from reoccurring in the next Kingdom Pass.

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Yes, and now you open another ticket, in which you describe your issue again and name the original ticket number as reference. Because that original ticket apparently fell through the cracks, even though Kafka wanted to follow up on it.

If this feels weird, think of your bug report as reporting a pothole in the street. The repair crew came around, the pothole is fixed, there’s no point in calling the repair crew again. In order to fix the flat tire you got from driving though the pothole you need to phone the car workshop. And since the first phone call seems to have gotten lost in the pending work queue you need to place another one.

Hello, I’m having problems with a troop, I can’t update it, it causes errors when I use an orb and even hello extra troops to level up

Hello, I have one more troop, which doesn’t level up