Fix text for Red Summoning stone please

Describe your issue: The text in “Red Summoning” when all the other categories are “Blah Summoning Stone”. I think you drive people with OCD crazy with this… it drives me crazy every time I see it and I don’t have any form of OCD. This is on PC/Mobile btw.

Screenshots or video:


it’s fixed in the next update

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Thank you @jzg

I reported this issue on Day 1 when it appeared. I am glad to know that it’s fixed in the next update.
So, the next update 4.4, when?

Tacet says either tonight or tomorrow but no matter what its going to be “soon”

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…hellloooooooooo everyone.

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I forgot to lower the volume of my speakers once during the night.
It woke up the neighbours!

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