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Fix TDS once and for all!

Well if we’re gonna get technical here, fixing The Dragon Soul should involve changing its “temporary” third trait (which was hastily added as a clone of Infernal King’s to emergency-patch a bug over a year ago) to something unique.

But that’s neither here nor there.


4 respawns, that is nothing. Count yourself lucky as I have had as many as 8 in one battle.


Excuse me for being overly frustrated.

This is the umpteenth time I have experienced this and the umpteenth time someone has complained.

I apologize to everyone who felt violated by my yelling.

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Wow. First time I heard of eight in one battle. Predicting such would be a 1 in 65,536 chance.

I really think random things in games should be less random. I think some games such as WoW and Dota implemented things like that, but there are many others. In WoW, I remember hearing that the % change of something drop goes higher as long as you keep killing monster (so the gambler fallacy ends up being true in this case). In dota I think that crits happen somewhat consistently (if you get unlucky and don’t crit much, your % of crit goes up and then resets in the next crit)

I don’t think it makes sense for GoW to implement something like that in the chests (since, well, the gambling aspect is the thing that makes the game money), but I really think that it should be implemented in the random events in the game, so you don’t have such high streaks. So I think the chance of TDS respawning in the first kill must be something closer to 30%, then 20% and so on. It’s less frustrating when it’s not truly random, people don’t understand and don’t like random things. It’s easier to implement the gambler fallacy, because it’s a really common way of thinking.

Only 7 is the highest against me this week so a slight improvement :+1:

Well, I did that in a consistent statistically powerful and apparently correctly executed test some time ago and the result was that TDS resurrection is not random and independent events. This means that probability of each individual event may be close to 0.25 but cumulative probability of multiple events cannot be calculated simple my multiplication of these probabilities. So, for example, chance to resurrect twice in a row is not 0.25^2, maybe something else, IDK what. Also, since this is pRNG, the probabilities should be probably dynamically calculated. It is most likely related to theory of multidimensional Bayesian probability although not very clear exactly for me. It is also quite a complex case of multidimensional algebra.

There was some extensive discussion of GoW-related statistics and this post has also links to test results.

And while streak should normally happen in any type of random number sequence, since TDS resurrection is not random and independent, these streaks are not regular random streak but indeed something different. Seems like Sirrian does not know what it might be. This game is quite complex. :rofl:

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I totally understand how you feel. It sucks, and you have two choices - you can get angry or you don’t. (I suggest not getting so caught up and angry)

While I agree that sometimes these ‘repeaters’ get out of control, I’ve seen both sides.

Case in point - I almost went and posted - Has anyone had their kraken devour in the last 3 weeks?

I use a specific team to go through Dungeon for almost all the battles.

It’s the standard Troll, Asha, Kraken, Kraken

The two krakens normally have two devours out of 3 games (For a total of 6-8 casts)

Well last three weeks (before 3.2.5 came out even) it went to 0.

Now today - every time I fired off the Kraken - DEVOUR, except King Highforge.

I stopped thinking there is some super magical piece of code that says ’ Now everytime do regen or devour or fizzbang fires off’ if you’re playing against x.

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It rarely happens to me, and I play TDS a lot, both with and against. I would be delighted to have dear Soul respawn six times on my team, but it never happens; it rarely happens once. In defense I find Infernal King being more prone to pop out of the grave than TDS.

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Honestly TDS needs a new Legendary trait - having the exact one as Infernal King is extremely lame. Too bad Drake Rider already has a100% summon another type of troop, TDS could have used something like that perhaps. How about a 50% chance it resurrects as any random Dragon?


Well, a lot of Dragons are lame. If you were TDS would you like to resurrect as Couatl?

100% version of necromancy is legendary enough. plus it fit dragon soul name :slight_smile:

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Geez, just make a Dragon Soul team, then the respawns will make you happy instead of angry…

I have an idea. Resurrect 100% of the time all the time. And finally, we have an immortal troop that cannot be killed unless stunned. It actually makes sense, will resolve all these unknown glitches, will require some specific counter, and will be something unique. On a practical side, on offense, that would make an attacker immortal unless defender has something that can stun, so no, it won’t work. :rofl:

I had it resurrected 9 times. If only I was so lucky with tributes, I would be the 1st guy to receive 20+ tributes! The odds are so low for that, its normal to have doubts about this 25% thing. Lets agree its 25%…most of the times.

It feels like about 25% respawn the first time, but it sure feels much higher for the respawned ones. Hence the streakiness.

He can’t respawn when he’s stunned.


I play w TDS a lot, and on my teams his respawn rate is about 10%. On enemy teams, he seems to respawn about 40%…

So you see? It all evens out to 25%! :smirk:


TDS respawned 6 times on me, probably would have went for seven if I didn’t die. It does seem to respawn more often.

That’s a trick he learned from Fizzbang.