[Fix Released] Council of Dragons Campaign Weapon not in inventory

Icy: If your customers didn’t care and kept coming, no matter how much you screw up in your job, it would not be you, who is at risk, but your collegues at quality control might soon be rationalised out.
Equally, if the product you are working at is seen as low priority and all of management is focussed on the new, shiny, upgraded version, that strangely isn’t popular enough with customers, it won’t matter to your job security either, if you’re doing things good or bad.

A drug dealer, who keeps stretching his stuff with household trash, may not be too well-regarded, but if something finds its way in, that multiplies the addiction factor (and isn’t completely lethal), they’ll have a safe share of people, who just have to keep coming back for more.

sniff sniff :sweat_smile::laughing::rofl:

Still no fix, imagine if the bug was not being able to buy a season pass…


Funny how the community figuring out the Daily Dungeon “random” algorithm gets shut down in a millisecond after it was cracked over the weekend, but fixing a problem that has happened five times before and the programmers should intimately know how to correct by this point goes unresolved after a full day of reporting … And that’s with @gary_dils serving up on a plate exactly what the problem is.

Once again, the sheer lack of respect for this company’s paying customers is sickening.


When weapons or troops are scheduled to release on dates that are clearly wrong according to physical data. Such as the case here.

Do you still NOT want bugs reported prior to them actually happening? Or…due 100% to your lack of QA can we report bugs prior to planned mistakes being real mistakes?

Please advise.


Seriously, 24hrs later and still nothing? I was checking up on this. Paying for an Elite pass only to not get something defeats the purpose. Nope, unacceptable (I want compensation for every battle I lost and could’ve won if only I had this weapon :laughing::sweat_smile:).

But seriously get this straighten out… :sunglasses:

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Hey everyone,

Sorry I was unable to get a response here before our morning meetings.

Unfortunately, there has been a delay in releasing this fix to the servers. I completely understand how frustrating this is, as this is an issue that shouldn’t have gone to live and we should have spotted sooner.
Once the team gets back to me with any more information, as currently, I am still expecting this to get released today but if that changes I’ll be back in here and post some further information.

Again, I am sorry that this got through and appreciate your patience while I continue to follow up on this.

This is completely out of touch with the issue. This is literally the 4th or 5th time it has happened.

EVERY time you say the same thing.

There is no fix. You drag your feet until it just releases on its own and wait for the next time.

Stop the patronizing responses. If any of these people spend another dollar with your company they deserve what they get.

Also that “frustrating” is the first day things they teach you when training for a customer service position. :rofl: I find nothing more disrespectful than to be told that I am “frustrated.”


I’ll still take some dragonite as compensation.

How about 40 per day this isn’t fixed?

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I also have a fantastic idea. This will blow your minds!

Why not add the campaign stuff to the game when a campaign starts?

It’s not that people can get their campaign stars weeks and weeks earlier. There is only elite+ pass to get more stars and thus rewards quicker. And those folks are entitled to it.

So why don’t you just add everything first day?

That would fix this problem once and for all.

Or am I missing something here?


My fantastic idea is that whoever is responsible for planning release dates for future weapons/troops knows what a “calendar” is? :bulb:


This is the sad truth… :face_with_head_bandage:

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Always good to have such a convenient backup plan already. After roughly 24h of not getting the weapon as advertised and paid for by the customers you declare a within the next 24h fix is “expected”. As we can see “expectations” aren’t your strong suit, due to whoever’s fault that is. To the players it was just another empty promise, dragging it out further but good thing you’re still expecting a “today” release, so the players will probably wait another 24h with nothing happening because of the well deserved FEIERABEND!
Question is: Can you drag it out the full two weeks?

The fix for this went live about 30mins ago
Was just grabbing some dinner as it went live so I couldn’t post sooner!

Will check back in first thing in the morning.


That’ll be 80 dragonite. :wink:

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Confirming this to be fixed:

Cheers, Gary.


I’m glad the fix was released.
Way earlier than I would’ve bet on but way too late for me to not feel scammed.

Any compensation planned here for 48h+ of a advertised $$$ item that wasn’t usable?
@Jeto @OminousGMan @Kafka


I got the weapon, thank you. :sunglasses:

It’s kind of a tough spot to be in. This is basically first level support, you check whether an issue sounds reasonably plausible, forward it to the developers, then report back any result they hopefully eventually provide. You usually don’t know enough about the issue yourself to comment and you may not even be able to directly communicate with those who do, just with some task queue. Whenever your Spider Sense tingles your options mostly boil down to:

  • Ignore the issue, wait for it to disappear by itself or get picked up by someone with less experience in getting burned
  • Paste something generic and non-committal (like “forwarded the issue to the devs”), then never, ever visit the ticket again
  • Attempt to keep the angry mob updated, which usually involves a lot of guessing and glossing over internal incompetence

I believe Jeto put in some really good effort here. It’s a shame that the root issue, internal incompetence, will probably once again remain unaddressed.