[Fix Incoming] Spring Into Action Beltrane’s Snapdragon Craft Blocked

ios 16.4.1 iPhone11:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
After crafting Beltrane’s Snapdragon up to Legendary, I was not given the option to craft him up to Mythic. Instead, in that slot Beltrane‘s Golden Snapdragon option appeared.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened Day 1 of Holiday ‘Spring into Action’

Steps to make it happen again
Once Pet hits Legendary, unable to craft it to Mythic

Will no doubt be mailed out the same as previous events.


Hello :slight_smile:

The Golden Snapdragon Pet appears in the Event Shop once you have purchased all the available stock of the original Snapdragon pet copies.

You can collect rest of the Snapdragon copies in the event login calendar which will be enough to upgrade your pet to Mythic. (There’s a fix incoming for this, and I’ll bring up potentially gifting a copy at the beginning of the event rather than near/at the end.)

As for the Golden Snapdragon, this is a separate pet in itself. (A golden version)


This isn’t a bug and there is no fix necessary.

I cant wait to get the last copy in the mail is not something that needs to be addressed.

Edit: 24 hours, i cannot wait 24 hours…

Thank you @Bramble :slight_smile:

The event calendar wasn’t up yesterday when this post was made. It was a valid concern, but go ahead and be a toxic jerk


As has been said above, there is a certain experience value about the problem; the last events had the same pattern (and the same worried threads). Won’t help newer players of course, and with as far apart as seasonal events are, some might simply forget about it too.

Maybe some sort of ingame notice about the fact, that one additional pet copy will come through calendar, would be helpful. If only there was an actual way to send suggestions to development…


Yeah, this has happened several times before and keeps on confusing people. (Or at least: people with enough gems to buy the event to completion on day 1, but who don’t remember that the 20th pet arrived later in the mail on previous events?)

It seems to me that the best solution would be, surely: start the event calendar on the same day as the holiday event, so that the first pet arrives in the mail as the event starts.


According to stats this player has been active since 2016, they definetely know its not a bug. Are you that naive?

I mean, Bramble was kind enough to mention they will this up to the devs. That’s really the only thing we can do here. Devs no longer read this forum.


This is now the third holiday event that has ever existed.
There are so many random bugs in the game that nothing should ever be assumed as working as intended.
You are doing the Lord’s work by jumping on someone for making a bug report 3 hours after a dev clarified that the missing copy would be released.
How many years of experience do you have being around other humans? You should probably take your own advice in regards to “knowing better”.

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I know you need to defend your guildie to feel better. I forgive you

The devs also don’t seem to read what Bramble forwards to them.

From design perspective, the event calendar approach is a really sloppy band-aid. The event calendar doesn’t align with the event period, there are several ways players can miss out on the pet (e.g. by not collecting the mail fast enough, even though the event is still running). A far better approach is to add another slot to the event shop, containing a single copy of the event pet for free, one purchase only. It makes so much sense that it’s guaranteed to never get implemented.


TBH the whole ascendancy mechanic being applied to pets is ridiculous in the first place. They know it’s bad, that’s why they added the Orbs…

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that you feel that way.

On another note, your idea of the holiday event free pet copy to be inside the event shop is a great idea and something that I’ve gone ahead and made a Quality of Life request for to the development team to take into consideration.

Thank you for the suggestion!


Do you know those spy thriller films, where an agent drops a letter into an abandoned mailbox and trusts, that the other side will pick it up from there…?

Thanks for trying, unfortunately it’s not how IP2 operates. We’ve been told in the past that Quality of Life changes won’t happen, because the business focus is exclusively rolling out new content, not improving existing content. Game modes get a redesign after 3 - 5 years, that’s when community feedback might get taken into account, provided someone from the development team still remembers it. Holiday events aren’t even a year old, this won’t even get looked at.

If you want to spend effort on something more pressing, please take a look at this thread:

This is about the Vulpacea event chest lootbox available next week. It’s going to be a mess, because that lootbox will likely not contain the items players will be expecting and looking for, and there will be no way for players to know this until they have been burned. There is a very strong expectation that the Community Team (which is you) at the least lists the contents of the lootbox here in the forum, prior to the event, in some prominent way.


The easiest way to get the confusion out of the way would be imo to start the event calendar the same day the event starts and hand out the first copy of the pet immediately.
This way every player has one copy, regardless if they intend on buying more. And they see how your intention is to distribute a free one at all (and the other goodies included in the calendar).