FIX: ERROR: Lost connection

“Error - Lost connection. Please retry when connection is established again” pops up often at the end of a fight and/or treasure hunt.
Clicking retry doesn’t do anything, just pops the error back up.
Closing the game and reopening it makes everything work fine again, but you lose your profit.

Work around fix:
Right click the network icon in the taskbar (bottom right corner, next to the clock).
Select Open network and sharing center (Windows 10 text, other versions might have slightly different text).
Click change adapter settings on the left.
Right click the network icon in the new window, and select disable.
Wait a few seconds, right click the icon again, click enable.

Go back into the game and click retry… The game should now proceed.

Works 100% everytime.

To the devs, this might help “fixing” the retry button?

Kind regards,